Thursday, May 26, 2011

ch-ch-ch-changes . . .

In our landscape looking out our picture window. Overnight. Like magic. Or maybe a small tornado.


At about midnight, Todd and I were jolted awake when the RV "shook" a little and what sounded like hail was hitting fast & furiously. Moments later, the power went out.

This morning, we were able to see that what we thought was hail, was more likely acorns and limbs from this massive oak that fell . . .


Todd took a trip around the camp this morning. We do have quite a few trees down -- maybe as many as there were when the tornadoes moved through the county on April 27th. Some are blown over from the roots, but some are twisted and broken off mid-trunk. Whew! If that oak tree had been another ten feet taller . . . today would look a whole lot differently!

This morning we're still without power, but the generator is working, and we're comfortable. It's supposed to be on again, off again thunderstorms moving through today, so it'll just be a quiet day in the RV, waiting on the power. Sounds like the perfect setting for reading and quilting, don't you think?? And maybe a NAP!


4 expressed . . .:

Cathy said...

It has been a wild spring for you down there. It hasn't been great here, either, but more because it's been cold and wet. The farmers can't get out on their fields, it's been so wet. Strange times.

Paula and Mel said...

Whew! That was close, wasn't it? Glad you are alright.
The weather this spring has sure been unusual. So many bad storms, wind and tornados.
Hope you get your power back soon. Thankfully, you have a generator, so, sew,sew,and sew somemore! LOL.

Michelle said...

Oh my! Glad you are okay and thank goodness the tree didn't hit your RV!!

Pat said...

I'm so glad you are safe. Having had a tree fall on our house nearly 2 years ago and do $30,000 worth of damage, I know only too well how scary such things can be!