Monday, May 09, 2011

no design wall ... but plenty happening!

We are starting this week at full throttle! Todd and I are teaching a one night conference next Monday evening, and we're working to get the word out to the churches in our association. I created the graphic we're sending out on a post card today . . .

This is me in my element!! Now to print a hundred copies, get them labeled and stamped and in the mail!!

Todd and I could sit for hours (actually, there have been days that we have) and just watch the antics of the birds and the critters that come to our little "backyard" to eat and drink and socialize. Yesterday morning we sat and watched three chipmunks come in, fill their cheeks, and scamper off to hide their bounty. They're so fast, it's hard to catch them on film, but I got lucky here and got two of them...

They are so cute! There was at least one more a couple of weeks ago, but we watched as a hawk swooped down and snatched him up. It's a jungle out there!

One thing that caught us by surprise was this . . .

This was the very first time we'd seen a squirrel having anything to do with one of our bird feeders! Up until now, they've been content to forage on the ground (under the bird feeders) and glean the corn that the deer and coons have left behind. In fact, I had just thought to myself earlier in the morning, how nice it was that the squirrels were content to be ground feeders!

I had to laugh at the feeder he chose. It's our only platform feeder, so I can see why it would be the most comfortable for him to perch in, but look how it's hung . . .

He certainly didn't hit the branch and come down the rope! He really wanted in there badly enough to jump from the tree trunk -- six feet away, at least! He hung out there for at least an hour. I came down this morning to see he's now become a regular. Ah well!

For Mother's Day, Kim, James, Sawyer, Todd and I headed to Longhorn for lunch. I thought Sawyer did a great job.

Of course, as Kim pointed out, I was not the one who was picking up all the stuff he threw on the floor -- like his cup, his pacifier, his straw, his bread, his toy . . .

By the end of the meal, he was definitely ready to be rid of his constraints and GO! I suggested Kim give him her lemon and see what happened. It did occupy him quite nicely as we finished up and loaded stuff into take out carriers. Actually it was hilarious to watch; he kept on sucking the lemon wedge, but he made the most incredible, "I'm eating something sour!" faces!! I was laughing so hard, I couldn't get pictures. But still, the lemon wedge went back into his mouth!

Finally, I've been wanting a silhouette of him, which means getting the perfect shot.

I captured this shot yesterday, which is a pretty cute little profile.

I have to get rid of the rest of the background, but it's a good start -- cute, cute little guy!

Todd then took me to my favorite clothing store, and between his gift, James and Kim's gift, and a really NICE 40% off sale, I really came away with some nice additions to my wardrobe! This week I plan to go through and cull my clothes -- there are lots of things here at the RV I've not worn once since we moved here, a year and a half ago. Time to weed that stuff out!

I'm off to be about this day . . . I hope everyone's Monday is happy and sunny!


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Gmama Jane said...

Scott and I are going outside to plant some flowers Matthew gave me for Mother's Day!!! What would we do without our children and grandchildren??

Paula and Mel said...

Welcome Back!!!It is so wonderful to have you back!
I read your posts from over the week-end. So happy to hear that you and your family are happy and well.
WOW! I can really see in change in Sawyer. He is changing from baby to toddler. What a handsome guy!
Thanks for sharing.