Wednesday, May 25, 2011

on the board . . .

I have never heard the cicadas so loud before! And so early in the season, too. Is this the year of the cicada or something? Does it herald some big event on down the line? What does it mean? LOL! I guess it means there's lots of cicadas this year!

Actually, this is the year of the cicada, at least it is in Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama -- the thirteen-year cicada, to be exact. And mostly they are heard; when they're seen, for the most part, it's in their empty shell form . . .

The last time they made their presence known was in 1998. Since then, they've been burrowed underground. Now they've made their way topside, and the males make that incessant humming noise, looking for the perfect mate. I have to admit, I like the sound -- it brings back lovely memories of childhood summers; playing in the sprinklers, games of tag and hide-and-seek, catching lightning bugs as dusk settled in . . . ah, such sweet times!

Sweet times ahead, too, I hope! I agreed to take on our guild's newsletter for our 2011-2012 guild year. I'm really excited - and a little anxious, too! The woman who's currently doing it has done a *marvelous* job, and it'll be tough filling her shoes!

Right now we're in transition. The new guild year starts September 1, but there's so much to the newsletter and the other "communication" duties, we've already started overlapping. I went to my first board meeting on Monday night. I really enjoyed being a part of it! We have such a big guild, and so many committees, that the board is pretty large -- there were seventeen of us there, and several key folks were missing! Discussion was interesting. I'm sure you can imagine, with seventeen women expressing their opinions . . . it was not a short meeting! LOL!

I am looking forward to being more involved in the guild and its workings, and making new friends.

Finally, wanted to share this darling photo Sawyer's mommy captured of him . . .

Just a happy little fellow, hanging out in the yard! I'm so amazed he kept his hat and sunglasses on for as long as he did!

And this is from last evening . . .

Not the greatest of photos, but one thing is clear; father and son sure do love each other!

Happy Wednesday!


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