Saturday, May 21, 2011

guild meeting fun . . .

Thursday night was a guild meeting I'd been waiting for, for a long time! Our guest speaker was Quiltville's Quips & Snips', Bonnie Hunter! She was also doing workshops yesterday and today, and as much as I would have liked to have taken one, I just wasn't able. But I *so* enjoyed sitting on the front row and listening to her program, and seeing quilt after beautiful quilt!

She started with this display, that shows how she organizes her scraps. "Just fifteen minutes a day!" she said over and over again! I had to laugh to myself -- I thought I'd have all the time in the world for quilting, once I no longer worked outside the home ... WRONG! Do you know how much time I've devoted to quilting since then? With the exception of some handwork that I did when our Stitcher's group met last week, I've done N-O-N-E! Unless you count the trip to Patches & Stitches that I made to pick up my BOM. Which I don't. (But it was an item on my to-do list!) Fifteen minutes a day sounded like a great place to start!

Anyway, she has an elaborate (yet simple) means of organizing her scraps. And from that, she makes the most marvelous, scrappy quilts. And she said that she makes her quilts to be utility quilts! I loved it!

I took pictures of all the quilts she displayed, but halfway through the program, the battery died in my camera, and I had to switch over to my phone -- which will explain the lack of quality in some of them. I wanted to share a few of my favorites here . . .

This leaders & enders quilt was fabulous. I did a close-up inspection of this quilt and it's fascinating to look at -- all the different, wonderful (and some not-so-wonderful, but it's cut so small you can't tell) fabrics! I think this was the Friday workshop. This is one I'd really have liked to have done!

I really liked this web quilt, too.

And all her quilts were huge! But she did mention that the more scraps she used up, the better she felt about buying new fabrics. Well, yeah!

If you're familiar with Bonnie (and her blog), you might recognize this quilt -- it's the Roll Roll, Cotton Boll mystery quilt that she did online! In fact, one of the members of our Stitcher's Group -- Jackie -- brought hers in for show & tell. It blows my mind that this is a scrappy quilt!

One of the funniest moments of the evening came about when Bonnie had the lovely volunteers who were holding up her display quilts, put on some cotton shirts to show where great fabric prints could be gotten from, at relatively great prices.

The laughs came when she had this one lady turn around to show off all the fabric on the back of the shirt. Bonnie said, "And you can see, this is bigger than a fat quarter!" The volunteer said, "Hey!!" and made it clear that her back side was not a fat quarter! We all laughed and laughed! It made it all the funnier that the volunteer was a little, bitty thing -- no fat there!

And yes, in case you're wondering, that is a lovely hospital gown that Bonnie's wearing. It had pretty snowflakes on it!

This last quilt was my absolute favorite of the evening ... I wish I could remember what it was called. Wait -- Goose in a Puddle? I think so. I love the block pattern. And I love the red, white, and blues. And again, a scrappy quilt! Except for the reds that she used as sashing.

Something about scrappy quilts gives them an automatic vintage look. Especially with this one -- it makes me think--oh, the word's right on the tip of my tongue--Americana. Anyway, I had such a blast that evening, and if you've not visited Bonnie's website, it's really worth the visit. She's real, down-to-earth, and has a passion for quilting. And she's *loads* of fun!

Speaking of loads of fun, I spend some time with Sawyer Graham yesterday afternoon! It's been a while since I share photos, so I thought I'd include some from our walk . . .

He's getting, "Sooooooo big!"

Just sitting back, enjoying the breeze!

Please give me my sippy cup!!!!

Happy as a bug-in-a-rug! I love how he sits with his feet crossed. Too cute!


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Cathy said...

Sawyer is still just one of the cutest ever. I've been following Bonnie's blog for years and years, long before she got famous, and started doing her travellling.

Pat said...

Cute little guy (as always) and love the quilts you showed. I've followed Bonnie's blog, too. It would be great to see her in person with her are lucky she was at your guild!

Paula and Mel said...

Ok, I am so jealous... Bonnie Hunter and Sawyer!
First, I would shave my head to be able to attend a Bonnie Hunter event. How very lucky you are.
Second, Sawyer. What an adorable young man. I just can't believe how much he has been changing. You are so very belssed. Hug that little guy for me.
Hugs to you too.