Tuesday, May 31, 2011

on grief and guilt . . .

My darling daughter wrote a blog entry today that touched my heart. I asked if I could share it on my blog, and she graciously agreed.

To me, it was interesting to note that guilt (even in the midst of my own grief) was no respecter of persons. I've had to guard carefully against it, because it's neither healthy or helpful. Why did guilt reach for me? Oh, there were lots of angles it took, but I won't go into that here and now.

Jocelyn created her blog a little over a year ago, and at first she sporadically shared funny teaching stories and the like. Since Everett's death, though, she's been more consistent and has used it as an outlet to her thoughts and prayers during this grieving/recovering process. I often read her blog with awe, wondering how she manages to so eloquently express her deepest thoughts.

But then, enough of this proud mom's babble . . . go read for yourself . . .

Prone to Wander.


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Pat said...

I just read her post and you have every right to be very proud of her.