Monday, May 16, 2011

teaching: the titus 2 advantage . . .

Tonight's the night that Todd and I are leading a conference based on Titus 2. We'll have thirty minutes of general group time (during which we are going to do a funny skit), and then Todd will teach the men, and I will teach the ladies.

I've worked, studied, and prayed really hard over the subject and materials, and I'm excited and a little nervous. Two of my favorite resources have been the Women's Evangelical Commentary: NT and Jaye Martin & Terri Stovall's Women Leading Women: The Biblical Model for the Church. Both were instrumental in my preparation. As a reward for all my hard work, Todd gave me the go-ahead to get the Women's Evangelical Commentary: OT, which just released this month. I've been waiting for it for ages!

For my part, I'm covering six advantages (it's not the exhaustive list) of women teaching women in Sunday school (small groups, life groups, whatever your church calls them):

1. It's Scriptural
2. It's a Comfortable Environment
3. It's Relational
4. It's Physiological
5. It's Effective Ministry
6. It's More Fun!

My notes are complete as is my handout -- complete with fill-in-the-blanks! I'll spend the rest of the afternoon in prayer for the whole thing! Yay!!

Tomorrow I'll finish up on to-do list benefits. And then . . .

Who knows?


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