Tuesday, May 30, 2006

And the numbers, please:

Mile completed 18:09 (I *purposely* walked slower today!)
Total distance: 1.87 miles
Time: 35:08
Calories burned: 243
Fat calories burned: 76

All in all, not a bad showing. I was completely depending on God -- oh, from say about the 3rd minute on. My legs hurt so this morning! It's either all in my head (because they feel fine now that I'm sitting), or it's because I walked so late yesterday. I hope I didn't wake the whole house walking. But I gotta walk! :)

It is so easy to read through the Bible--particularly the Old Testament--and sit in condemnation of the people I'm reading about. I have to be so careful not to give in to that temptation. I am the people I'm reading about! When I read about David giving in to the temptation of Bathsheba, it's *me* giving in to whatever fleshly desire reigns strong within me. When David then heaps lie and sinful action on top of lie and more sinful action, that's *me* covering my own guilty tracks. And when God uses Nathan to bring David into repentance, that's God telling *me* that He wants to draw me back into right relationship with Him, if only I'll bow in humility, admit my sin, and ask forgiveness.

Lord, I'm so ashamed of my actions; please forgive me of my arrogance, particularly when it comes to the reading and understanding of Your precious Word. I pray that You will allow me to be strengthened by You through this day. That my countenance will reflect Your love and glory. And that my words and actions will mirror You. Please enable me to focus on You; Your purpose, desire, and leadership. Thank You, Lord. :)



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