Saturday, May 27, 2006

Good gravy!

I missed Thursday, due to travel, so Todd & I had determined that when he got off shift this morning and got home, we'd walk the creation walk. At 7:30 this morning I get a call -- he's stuck on shift working overtime. POOH! I was really looking forward to a creation walk this morning! Then the flesh started creeping in . . . well, it's Saturday, you don't really need to walk. You're allowed to take a break! Egads! So I asked James if he would walk with me -- I didn't think he would, and he didn't disappoint me. :( So, dagnabbit, I put on my treadmill playlist, added a couple of songs to make it 30+ minutes long, and hit the treadmill!

Mile completed at: 16:49 (!!)
Miles walked: 1.86
Time: 34:03
Fat calories burned: 75
Calories consumed: 242

Look at those numbers! Thanks, God -- I *know* I couldn't have done that without Your encouragement!

I'm dripping. Ewwww. I made a determination last night -- I really do believe that perhaps all the aspartame I've been consuming of late is adversely effecting my memory. Splenda for coffee/tea; only Diet Coke and 7 UP, with Splenda, for sodas, and more WATER. I'll try it for a couple of weeks and see if memory starts to improve. If it does, I'll continue in that same vein. If not, I'll do some more research.

I was incredibly irritable yesterday. Most especially with the people (my family) who deserve it the least. Lord, why do I get that way? How can I prevent my irritability from hurting my sweet husband and children?

Today Dallas arrives. Tomorrow is Sunday (YAY!). I need to get cleaning!

Oh what a beautiful (and incredibly hot) morning!



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