Friday, May 19, 2006

This morning's visit to the treadmill will purely completed through God's strength and not my own.

Otherwise I'd have given up after 1:30 minutes. Trust me, flesh was trying to RULE this morning. I am sore every where. Even my neck! But to God be the glory, here are this morning stats:

Mile completed: 17:46 (!!)
Time: 22:07
Miles: 1.17
Calories burned: 152
Fat calories burned: 47

Yeay God! I think, "I can't," and God says, "No, but I can! Think on ME." Thank You, Lord!

While I'm here, God? Do you think You might push me out of the way when it comes to eating habits today? I'm willing and You are definitely able!

James and Jocelyn are in Munich today. How fun! I miss my precious babies. On real player right now is dc Talk's song, Time is Ticking Away. How appropriate. It seems like just yesterday that Jocelyn was the precocious toddler quiping, "She'll be three in March!" And James was my darling little boy, running the length of the daycare center's window to wave goodbye to mommy. How fast it all goes. And if the last twenty years went by that quickly, how in the world am I going to survive the speed with which the next twenty go by?!

Good morning, world!


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Kathaleeney said...

Hello I'm glad you got all the way through your workout! God is awesome never once have i fallen off my horse (Tucker) when jumping if i said the "Our Father"!
You said one of your interests were teenagers... well i'm kind of a teenager i'm twelve and will be thirTEEN on july 22!
Please visit me! (my blog)