Tuesday, May 02, 2006

In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

That is an incredibly thought-provoking verse -- Judges 21:25. It was the last thing I read in my quiet time this morning, and I've thought about it off and on all day.

Everyone did what was right in his own eyes . . . sounds a lot like the general attitude of the day.

I'm guilty of it myself. There's nothing like reading God's word to bring about conviction. Oh Lord, I'm so grateful You draw me back out of the snare of sin; You forgive and restore, when forgiveness and restoration are desired.

In these days there's no God in America; everyone does what's right in his own eyes.

Watch out, America.

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Rev. Rap' said...

Hi Denise...such a good name. My wife is named Denise, I truly enjoyed the reading on your blog, I believe it was Judges 21, everyone doing right in their own eyes. Such a good word. I'm just getting use to this blog thing, but I noticed you're a Christian Educator as well. I would like to invite you to visit my website at www.revrap.com . I've been using rap as a tool for 20 years to teach the gospel. No joke, that long, and I probably would have stopped years ago if young people were not being saved at my concerts. Therefore 20 years later and a lot grayer, I'm still sharing the Word of the Most High with the children in this venue. Please, if you get the time, stop by and listen, and meet my family and the Denise in my life in our picture profile. Be Blessed, Rev. Rap

Rev. Rap' said...

ps...I Love the Princess Bride...totally cool...: )I also noticed you're in Huntsville, Al. I did a concert there several years ago. Be Blessed...Rev.