Saturday, May 20, 2006

Oh what a beeeyoootiful evening!!!

It's been a nice day. Relatively quiet, once I got home! I headed to the church this morning for the Construct-A-Craft event. Excuse me, the opportunity! No one else showed up for it -- at least they hadn't by 10:30. That's when I left. But there were folks there working on the new children's set. It's looking awesome! I can't wait for the rest of the kids to see it! Anyway, after that, I ran some errands, came home, and worked on James's graduation announcements. Bittersweet moments. My baby, all graduated from high school. Wow. In another two years, Jocelyn will be graduating from college. Ooops, better reign in the time machine!!

I continue to pray for James, Jocelyn, Mom & Dad. Tonight's their last night in Munich, and tomorrow they head to Switzerland! Land of CHOCOLATE! :)

Did I mention that Kim sent me a Mother's Day card, because she knew I wouldn't be able to spend the day with my own children? That was SO sweet! Dallas called today. Just checking in. I like the significant others my children have chosen. God is good.

I'm excited about tomorrow. I wish we had been able to picnic with the girls today, but say law vee. It's a neat series we're getting into. I am anxious to see how the girls respond. Some questions for them:

1) When you read Scripture, should you be reading it to understand what it means to you? Or should you be asking what it means to God?

--How can we apply Scripture to our lives without first understanding what God intended when He had a particular verse written?!

2) Did Jesus have a Bible?

--Not as we know the Bible, but Jesus *did* have God's Word. The Old Testament was His Bible!

3) What was the Old Testament called during Jesus' day?

-- The Law and the Prophets! The Law was the first five books of the Old Testament -- The Pentateuch -- recorded by Moses, and the Prophets refers to the remaining books in the Old Testament.

4) Since Jesus saves us by grace, are we under the Law?

-- Jesus Himself said that He came to fulfill the Law, not to abolish it! He knew that we could never measure up to God's perfect law; and so He became the perfect sacrifice on our behalf. When we submit to Jesus, we submit to God's perfect fulfillment of the Law!

I'm going to make a Strawberry Delight Pie.



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