Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Let everything that has breath PRAISE HIM!

And I just got off the treadmill, so I have _just_ enough breath to do just that!! :)

I'm tired of the online/notebook journaling debate. I've been so wishy-washy about it, that I've not done either. At the beginning of this year, the Lord was very specific with me. Very plainly He told me that if I would be faithful to journal, He would be faithful to working through my weight/dieting issues with me. I knew that, as simple as it sounded, this would not be an easy task -- all one has to do is look at my bookshelves of jounals (that don't have more than one-third of the pages written in) or look at the dates (and the huge gaps of dates) in my online journal, to know that I'm not a consistent journaler! I've tried and failed and tried and failed. What I now need to recognize it that it's not the failing that's important -- what's important is that I continue to try.

So. Here I am.

I did get on the treadmill this morning. That's another thing He's been dealing with me about. For, oh, about four years. No time like the present! I started and my left knee was really paining me, as was the arch in my right foot. I think that's Satan's way of seeing how serious I really am about being obedient. Nothing hurt when I finished. I walked for 22:35 minutes, completed 1.02 miles, and burned 41 fat calories and 133 regular calories! Shoot, I had a yogurt, mini-bagel, and coffee for breakfast this morning. The way I figure it, I burned all the yogurt calories, and all the fat calories from my bagel! :) I can spin, don'tcha know!

It was a little sad to see it take so long to complete a mile. I was just going to walk for 20 minutes, but it was so close to a mile, I just had to continue.

The only thing I really dislike about walking (or exercising at all) is sweating. I sweat bad! Yuck. On a positive note, though, I figure that the cooling down time will be a good time to sit here and journal!

Diet. What a word. It's so confusing. Which one? How long? What should my priorities be? What diet is really the best for my health and well-being? Argh!!!

God? What say You? You know my body better than anyone could -- including (especially) me! Lord, I lay it in Your capable hands.

I feel thinner already.


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