Friday, April 01, 2011

full-fledged one year old . . .

It occurred to me that Sawyer's first birthday happened in the middle of a family visit, which was followed by a week in Tampa. And other than a single birthday photo, I didn't blog about his very FIRST birthday and party!!

I'll take this opportunity to correct that mistake!

The theme for the day was "Robots"! Sawyer's mommy even made him a shirt to go with the theme!

You can tell, from the lovely brown brace, who he's holding on to in this pic!

He was in rare form that day -- perfectly ready to join in the fun!

He was really excited about the present table . . .

I love the "monthly" photos on this table - 3rd through 11th!

Until he saw the FOOD table!!

They had his birthday in one of the big children's rooms at their church. This made it especially nice for Kim! Plus there was plenty of space for the birthday boy, eating, gift unwrapping, and all his family.

And here's the 12-month photo!

Aren't these cake pops cute?!? They are red velvet cake coated in candy shell and then decorated with candies. So fun! Todd *loved* these!

And the cupcakes were *wonderful*!

The "Robot Parts" were a big hit, too!

Robot host . . .

And the *special* birthday boy cupcake!!

He had a special chair and he was ready for lunch!

And a little juice . . .

And he really, really likes pizza!

I think I was the only one lucky enough to catch him with his "cool breeze" shades.

And here's the birthday king with his crown!

And here's my most favorite picture of the day . . .

Sawyer, meet chocolate cupcake! Chocolate cupcake, you're demolished!

My son actually took that picture. I don't know what I was thinking -- I videoed it, as did my hubby, so I don't have any pictures of the process! But the video is hilarious, so I'll forgive myself. :)

I don't know . . . from the looks of the chair and the tray, it seems that most of the cupcake never made it from his fist to his mouth!

After a brief "clean up" interlude, he then moved to present opening!

Love the hat, lil' dude!

Neesey & Paw-paw got him a fire truck. It really sprays water, too!

It tickles me that he looks like he knows what he's doing!

Checking out the cards . . .

I think his favorite gift may have been the "popcorn popper" he got from his Aunt Joc and Uncle Jason!

See the glazed look in his eyes? Yeah, put a bow on this birthday boy -- he's finished!

Happy birthday my sweet Sawyer!


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Michelle said...

Very sweet! Happy Birthday Sawyer!

Paula and Mel said...

Thank you for sharing. I loved it all. Sawyer is very precious. (and adorable)
You are so blessed.

Pat said...

What a wonderful party and he is so cute. The robot touches were great! Somebody is very creative!!!