Monday, April 18, 2011

what's in a design . . .

I started this "Block of the Quarter" about 15 months ago. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous applique quilt called Spring Flowers. I'm pretty sure I've blogged about it before, but because the kit only comes once every three-four months, I sometimes forget about it.

The kit is offered by Melissa over at Honeybee Fabrics. The pattern itself comes from New Zealand Quilter, and Melissa picks the fabrics to put each block together with. She's done a marvelous job doing that, too! If you've never checked out this magazine, it's worth a look-see.

This quarter the featured block is, "Polyanthus"

Lots and lots of little pieces and stitching! Very sweet. Did I mention that I'm not actually working on this now? I'm saving these kits for later on down the line, when I'm retired and have time to do more serious quilting, but not the money to devote to it!

Be sure to check out Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times to take in lots of quilt eye candy today!

Lots of changes this week; for one, I switched my off day to Tuesday, to accommodate Kim's new schedule at work. So tomorrow will be my Sawyer day. Yay for me!

I'm officially in my countdown-to-Paducah mode. I can hardly wait! I'm not so interested in shopping, though I am bringing a little spending cash. Mostly I can't wait to wander through the miles of beautiful quilts, and take a trip over to the museum! Yes, only twelve days to go!

On a non-quilting note, did anyone besides me get a kick out of that wedding video that went virul? You know, the one where all of a sudden, the entire wedding party breaks out into dancing? T-Mobile has spoofed it ... and the upcoming royal wedding ... and it's a link really worth checking out - right HERE. It made me laugh!

Have a great week - Happy Monday! :)

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Pat said...

WOW...what a lovely applique quilt that will be for you someday! I heard about that video but haven't checked it out yet.....will try to do that today.

Quilter Kathy said...

Have a great time in Paducah!

Paula and Mel said...

The applique quilt is beautiful. I have not tried applique yet. I have been thinking a lot about it this past winter. I like handwork so I am looking for something easy to try. I have only been quilting for 2 years so I am trying not to rush into to many things.
Have a great day with Sawyer tomorrow. I will be looking forward to your pictures and hearing all about your day.

Gari said...

What a beautiful quilt to look forward to. As a retired person, I will say that time continues to be something hard to hang on to. Have fun in KY: I would love to be going with you.

Cathy said...

That quilt is totally, completely and perfectly gorgeous. I'm drooling!!!! LOL