Friday, April 08, 2011

just in the nick of time . . .

I don't know why I'm such a procrastinator. It's not like I haven't known I'd need to turn in these blocks today for a whole month! I guess my weekends have just been *very* busy. And so, this week, I cut all my pieces Wednesday morning, stitched some pieces Wednesday night, and put the blocks together last night. Whew!

But even with very clear instructions and careful highlighting matching fabrics and instructions, I'm afraid my haste caused an error. Pooh.

This block turned out okay.

But on this block, the orange triangle should have in the mirrored corner, up against the purple, facing the same direction as the batik. Because the light fabric comes in the kit each month, I didn't have any to correct my mistake, so I just had to place it where it looked best, and go with it.

But then I put it on the orange sashing . . .

I love the look of this! The orange in the block just blends into the sashing, and makes the block look funky and irregular. I love it!

I'm not so sure about the first block in the orange sashing.

For the first time, I considered the possibility of using the purple/orange/red fabric as sashing for some of the blocks.

I think I like this better, for this particular block. The question then becomes, how many blocks do I put in the purple, and where do I put them?

I think this one looks good either way. But my preference may be in the purple.

Purple in my four corners? I'm thinking I like where this is going.

Decisions, decisions.


2 expressed . . .:

Pat said...

I like how that block with the mistake is floating on the orange fabric, too. Sometimes things just work out right in spite of being wrong!

Paula and Mel said...

I agree with Pat... the block does look like it is floating. I also like the unusual shape of it with the orange fabric.
You are doing a fabulous job!