Saturday, April 09, 2011

not too shabby . . .

Every once in a great while, I stumble into a Saturday that doesn't have me going in a million directions. A Saturday in which I can do pretty much as I please. A Saturday like today!

I hit the post office and the grocery story early (relatively speaking) and had the RV tidy and groceries put away before 11:00. That left me mostly the whole afternoon! I did two of my favorite things. Put in an old movie and got into quilting mode!

Movies: Gone With The Wind and Father's Little Dividend. Definitely chick flicks. :)

And while I was uber-productive in the ol' quilting room today, I'm going to just highlight a few things. The first being a few quilting stencils I picked up yesterday, when I picked up my April BOM. These are perfect for the 8" squares that we're doing.

I really like this one. I like the simplicity and the sweet curves.

This one just made me laugh. But it looks FANTASTIC on one of the blocks that I've already completed, so I really just had to get it. (Among other things, like rulers, gadgets, books, and fabric, I'm a stencil-aholic.)

But this one was my absolute favorite find of the day . . .

Isn't that just FUN?!?

Perfect on this very geometric block! Can you see my blue lines? I'm all ready to start lap quilting! I actually prepared two blocks, just in case I start and finish this one before Tuesday (when our Stitcher's group meets for hand sewing), and need something to work on!

I also played around with some 4-patches . . .

This is practice for a bigger project I'll talk about after Tuesday. This will probably end up being a quilt for a certain American Girl doll, who lives in Virginia. I wish the photo did better justice to the colors -- it's really sweet fabric!

And now it's time for this quilty girl to call it a night!


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