Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i *love* mondays . . .

And how could you blame me for loving Mondays, when I get to spend them in such wonderful company?!

I had a fun day with my Sawyer Graham yesterday. Even though he is going through some growing pains . . . specifically, he's teething again. Poor thing! One thing that helped and tasted good, too? Strawberry pops! Kim had frozen strawberries for him, and told me to plop them into the "banana" holder, and he'd have a nice treat that felt good to his poor little mouth

I decided that the best place for him to enjoy this particular treat was definitely in his high chair.

He's trying to give me the scrunchy-face smile around his pop!

After cleaning up from lunch, we were ready for some adventure! I decided we didn't need to have an adventure on my laptop.

Instead, we headed for Sawyer's favorite place . . .


We explored the backyard in our fire truck.

Hey! What's this stuff??

This needs further exploration.

Hmmm. Where's a fire a can put out?

My shoe! Let me put out my shoe!

I'm ready for my closeup, Neesey!!

Bring that camera HERE! (Sawyer, I don't think you're were ready as you thought you were!)

Always a joy, always a joy. Tonight I head out to meet with my Stitcher's Group. I've finished the interior quilting on my first block -- now I'll get the sashing quilted, and move on to the next block. I forget how much I enjoy hand quilting! Should be a fun night. Yay!


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Paula and Mel said...

Oh Thank you, Thank you, for sharing. What a joy and what a lucky lady you are!
Have fun at your stitchers group. The quilt ladies here met last night and we had a hoot. I dumped out about 60 Fat Quarters and they all chose a couple. I also had them choose a magnetic bookmark from some I bought while in Quartzite.
Have a wonderful day, Denise!