Friday, March 15, 2013

wasn't it just monday?

Gracious ... how time flies when you're having fun!  Mom and dad headed back for Maryland this morning -- we had a great visit and I hope you'll indulge me as I share a little lot!

I'll start out with my 'crafty' things.  I found a new blog (that's in Malaysian, but what's a foreign language between crafty people -- especially when there's google translate?!) called Diari Ann.  She had instructions for a darling ribbon flower that I wanted to try and copy . . .
I didn't read all of the instructions until too late (which is typical of me), but I loved how it turned out in spite of myself!  I see lots of uses for these ... little girl barrettes and head band embellishments, for starters!

I also finished up the "C" stitchery for the little mug rug for my mom . . .
She was tickled with it and it made me happy to make her a little happy!

I also gave both my mom and dad their Christmas presents (don't ask), which included these fun Christmas tree napkins I'd made . . .
I'm going to make a bunch of these for the coming Christmas, I think.  They're easy and look so pretty!

And in this week's mail was a happy, too.  I'd won a Connecting Threads gift certificate from Doniene, over at Now It's Just Quilts . . . 
And finally decided to but some crib batting with it, for June's quilt!  It was actually a nice blessing -- I needed batting for her quilt ... I've got some, but I hated to chop up a full-sized batting panel (which I hope to use for a different quilt) to get the crib-sized, but I really need to finish June's quilt up!  (Sheesh, right?!)
It arrived in the mail yesterday -- speedy service.  Thank you, sweet Doniene!

And of course, the week was a family-filled, action-packed, on-the-go adventure! I took Sawyer out on Tuesday (which was his birthday) to pick up some rain boots. We went to Tractor Supply.  
He was so excited to find boots his size!  According to Kim, it's been particularly difficult to get them off of him.  I think on Tuesday, he actually wore them to bed for his nap!  Now that's a gratifying gift to give! 

He also tried on this cowboy hat (which was WAY oversized):  
He put that hat on his heat and let out a very LOUD, "YEEHAW!"  Of course he's such a charmer that everyone in the store thought it was cute ... including his Neesey!

Wednesday night we had a big fish fry up at the camp.  Unfortunately it was quite cold, but that didn't stop us from having fun!
James had my mom and dad pose "American Gothic" style - 2.0 camp version. They're such good sports!
And really quite happier people than you'd surmise from the first picture!

Time to eat!

I love how Kim was "hands-free" wearing June ... who seemed quite warm and snuggly and content to watch the party from her 'papoose'.  She eventually conked out, right where she was!

I asked everyone to lean in and give me the ol' "Cheese!"
If you look closely, you can see that even Ellie -- down there on the left (middle) leaned her little self in.  She was quite taken with the fish and kept a filet in her little fist for most of the night, nibbling on it at will.
Evidently she kept a little in both cheeks, too.

According to Sawyer, when you're the 'cool breeze', you wear your shades regardless of the time of day.
Haha! (Notice his footwear.)

Did you see the fancy place mats we were using?  Here's a close up:
Aren't they darling?  My mom and dad brought them for me!  Such fun -- perfect for up at the camp!!!  

And finally . . . we spend a lot of time as a group, parked in Joc's home.  
As you can imagine, Leia wanted to be in the midst ... but managed to stay out of harm's reach (for the most part)! Linking her up to the Feline Friday party over at Sarah Did It!

We have two big groups coming into the camp this weekend -- in fact, this weekend pretty much kicks off a run of weekend events up at Camp MACOBA for the next couple of months!  Spring has sprung!

Plus ... tomorrow is National Quilting Day!!!  
How are you going to celebrate?  I plan on eating/serving  pancakes at Applebee's tomorrow morning (an event our guild is hosting) and then heading out for another guild event -- a quilting scavenger hunt!  I *might* even get a little quilting in.  Who knows?!  



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Agnes B. Bullock said...

What a wonderful week! Your family is simply lovely- and am thrilled that you win so mnay of these blog hops!

I would like my flowers in bright pinks, cobalt blues and daffoldil yellows- want to make a sttement while wearing them!

Sarah said...

So so many great family pictures. You have certainly been busy! The grands were all stylin' and poor little Leia just can't let herself become more friendly...

Janet O. said...

You DID have fun--no wonder time flew!
Lots of good family time--what a blessing!

Barbara F. said...

Denise, I do love catching up on what's happening in your neck of the woods. Always wonderful fun filled things. I have to one day get up to your camp. Wish there were tour groups! The grands are getting bigger and more beautiful every time I see them. All your projects are, as always, awesome. Wish you had an Etsy, but you would need a 30 hour day at least! ((hugs)) xo

Dirt Road Quilter said...

I can not keep up with you Girl! :) And yes, it was just Monday. It was also just February...and Christmas...and 2000. LOL. I adore your flower - just perfect for little little headbands! Two thumbs up on Sawyer's rain boots! How very sweet that he took a nap in them. A fish fry surrounded by the entire family sounds like the perfect way to cap off the day.

Scrapatches said...

Thanks for sharing the fun with all these wonderful pictures. Your "C" stichery is lovely! A friend gave me that napkin pattern and I have not done anything with it. I think the sample on the packaging does not do it justice. Your napkins do! They should hire you to make samples. I will be making some of these for Christmas this year.

I love Leia pictures. She does not look like my Butterfly, but her expressions do and they appear to share many character traits ... :) Pat

Mary said...

Love the pictures of your family! I missed reading your blog on Wednesday. Have a great time with your guild for National Quilting Day! The Scavenger Hunt sounds like fun.

Barbara said...

What a great post! You and Joc and your Mom could all be the same person just traveling in a time machine. You look so much alike!

Jean(ie) said...

June is growing like a weed. I love going to tractor supply! I know it was fun having everyone all together.

Guess what? #2 is on the way! (shhhh! It's a secret!)

Lyndsey said...

What a great family week. As Barbara said you have a great family resemblance going on there. Sawyer and his boots brings back memories of my son(now28) doing exactly the same. he went to bed in them and we removed them when he was fully asleep.

Teresa in Music City said...

It is always such fun to see the happy family times you share! I was amazed at how much Miss Ellie has grown! She looks more like a little girl every day :*) And Miss June is also losing that little baby look - such a darling! And of course Sawyer - he's the star of the show, isn't he? Love the cowboy boots story LOL!!!

Kate said...

Love the American Gothic picture of your parents! Looks like you had a grand weekend.