Tuesday, March 26, 2013

tons of tidbits . . .

I have so *much* to share ... but so little to show. Hmmm . . . that's a conundrum, isn't it? I'll try to keep it kind of brief -- but that may be tough -- especially since I totally missed my Monday post!

Things are getting busy. We are seriously considering/praying about an April 28th retirement date, so Todd can apply himself full-time to the ministry. Wow. I mean, WOW! It would mean a huge leap of faith, but we both truly believe this is the direction that the Lord is leading us. 'Nuff said, right? Whew!
We've also signed up for some specialty training for Mission Service Corps (MSC) missionaries. The training is about a week long and will take place in the Baltimore/Washington DC area in the coming months. More on that later ... but it's a course on self-funding. The preparatory work for the course is pretty thick, so that will occupy a good bit of time in the coming months!

We celebrated Sawyer's birthday this past Saturday ... no surprise that the theme was Buzz Lightyear!
Sawyer had a blast and was totally enchanted by the life-size Buzz balloon!

I finally F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D June's pennant quilt . . .
I'm so pleased with it!! My friend Melissa (I Am Beautiful Bee) did the quilting on it and I love it! I delivered it to Baby June yesterday and she was totally thrilled with it! Yay!

Kim exchanged me some fabric for the quilt . . .
Haha! Happy me -- it's not mine! It's for June clothes! So I get to play with it and don't have to add it to my stash report! LOL! Speaking of which, I do have a little to report for last week:

Used/donated this week: 0.0 yards
Used/donated year-to-date: 12.0 yards
Purchased/added this week: 1.75 yards
Purchased/added year-to-date: 38.75 yards
Net used/donated for 2013: -26.75 yards

This was from the fabric I picked up at the guild meeting last week. I'd already reported the use of the pennant quilt, so no 'used' yardage this week! I was kind of curious as to how I was doing compared to last year, so I pulled up Stash Report #11 from 2012:

Used/donated this week: 0.0 yards
Used/donated year-to-date: 4.75 yards
Purchased/added this week: 0.0 yards
Purchased/added year-to-date: 31.75 yards
Net used/donated for 2012: -27.25 yards

Yeah. So not a lot has changed, huh? This totally made me laugh!!! I guess old habits really DO die hard! However, I can say that if retirement and full-time ministry is truly ahead, we'll be really living like missionaries in more ways than one -- I'll take that "purchased" right off the added line!

I've accomplished three out of five of my "get 'er done" for this month . . . and one is almost finished. I still need to get that pineapple quilt center finished up. Mostly what I've been working on is the Wedding Quilt . . .
I've put a nice dent in it. It's so funny ... we've had the perfect weather to snuggle under a quilt to do some hand stitching -- it's been cold and grey and snowy. Our high today *may* hit 45.  Average temps are in the 70's.  Who cares that we're a week into spring??!!  I think we're experiencing an April Fool's joke a little early. Hahaha!

I received my DQS in the mail on Saturday, too . . .
Isn't this darling? Check out the hand-stitching:
Aren't they sweet? She did a marvelous job - I'm thrilled with it! I'll get hers off by the end of the month and then I'll be taking a little hiatus from the doll quilt swaps for a bit.

Okay, enough for now, I've got to run! I'm having lunch with a friend and then I'm spending the evening with June and Sawyer. So much to do and not nearly enough hours in the day to accomplish it all, right? Linking up today's post with the Stash Report #11 and Design Wall Monday posts at Patchwork Times and the Slow Sunday Stitching post at Kathy's Quilts.

Ciao, baby!


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Quilter Kathy said...

So many projects on the go over there!
Can't wait to see how your wedding quilt is looking!
Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

Janet O. said...

Wow, my friend, that would be a big leap of faith. I'll join my prayers in your behalf.
I love Sawyer's delight in that big Buzz Lightyear balloon!
Congrats on a lovely finish!
Looks like lots of little girl things will be coming off your machine in the near future.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Your are such a busy lady. What a great way to spend your retirement!! We have friends who have just answered the call to South Africa!! Leaving sometime this summer. What a great opportunity and so life changing.

Mary said...

Wow, retirement is a BIG change for the DH. You'll be in my prayers. I love June's Quilt, you did it right. Have fun with Sawyer and June, Happy Belated to the cute Big Brother.Have fun sewing girly clothes.

Sarah said...

Before I looked close I thought Buzz was a human dressed up...then I realized he was a balloon. The boys just love the Buzz toy I have at my house...they hardly play with any of the other toys. My fingers are crossed that retirement will work out for April 28th!

Lee D said...

You are a busy lady. I have to run too, to finish up another UFO and a friends says she wants to buy this one!!

Barbara F. said...

I want to learn some hand quilting, Denise. I really do. Your projects are always inspiring to me. Happy and blessed Easter to you and your family. Good luck with your new decision, too. The camp will miss you. xo

Missy Shay said...

I love that cat quilt!

Teresa in Music City said...

My goodness I'm out of breath just reading your post LOL!!! What a lot of things going on in your life right now! I will join you in prayer that you will know exactly what is best for you both for your future!

Kris said...

What a fun, fun post!! Listen to that still small voice and you can't go wrong!! You are in my prayers regarding this huge decision for you and Todd!! Sounds wonderful!! Trust me - as long as you have a mobile home over your head, a bit of food and lots of fabric, being "poor" ain't so bad!! :-)) Much love to you, dear friend!!

BudandMarsha said...

I'm not surprised the Lord is calling you for other things. You live by faith now in so many ways; and you will be surprised that you can live with less more easily then most people expect.
Yes, reining in the fabric spending is part of it, but thank goodness it's fun to use scraps!!!

Be calm and listen carefully.
Hugs, Marsha

Kate said...

Oh Sawyer must have been in heaven with that full size Buzz! How fun! The doll quilt is darling. Congrats on getting June's quilt all finished. You've had a whirlwind week and it's not even Friday yet!

Jean(ie) said...

You've got a lot going on! And it sounds like all good things! I'm so excited for y'all!!!!!!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Missionaries! How cool!

BudandMarsha said...

You had yourself a whale of a time, my pal. So glad someone got to go to Paducah, (sigh, sigh). I was too busy traveling in the opposite direction!!!
Bet you don't wash that right hand for a LONG time!!!! So much fun to see you having sew much fun!