Monday, October 10, 2005

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*~*Today is my birthday; today is my birthday!!*~*

How fun is that?!? I don't think I'll ever outgrow birthdays, no matter how old I get! I got up and made cupcakes to take into work today, so everyone can celebrate with me! God is so incredibly good -- it amazes me to look back over the past 43 years and to be able to see the provision, the blessings, and the miracles that God has worked in my life! I want to share that!

My Mom and Dad sent me a scrapbook that my Mom made (and Dad helped) of the first two years of my life. How precious! I finally found out where I got the silver elephant bank that I've carried around for all my life -- it was my first Christmas present from my Daddy! How cool is that? It's a darling and sweet book, and I'll enjoy going through it for many, many years. It amazed me how several of the pictures could have been Jocelyn! In fact, my Mom was telling me that as she sorted through the "Denise" box of pictures and souvenirs, she picked up Jocelyn pictures a couple of times before realizing they were Jocelyn!

Brother Jamey Ragle preached for us yesterday morning and evening. He's got such an awesome heart for God, and such a wonderful gift for sharing God's Word! He never fails to bring the double whammy of blessing and conviction. The selections we sang in choir were pretty awesome, too. We sang Patti's song, "Through the Fire" which makes me want to jump up and down. That probably wouldn't go over very well! Anyway, praise God, it sounded wonderful to me!

Last night, the Burkett's, the Ellis's, and the McCoy's came over after church and we just fellowshipped over cake and coffee and stuff. It was fun! We need to do more of that -- we need to go to each other's homes and fellowship more and know of each other's lives. It's crucial so that we may dwell together in unity!

A special thank you to Dallas, for the birthday wishes!

See ya!


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