Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Currently ListeningHandel's Young MessiahBy George Frideric HandelHallelujah!

Jocelyn told me to create a blogring for Blue Mountain Mommies, so I did. Now, it's up to daughters.

Todd got a call from Huntsville Park Baptist Church today. They decided to go with a full time man. He's very disappointed. My heart hurts for him.

Brother Pat announced to the choir today that there will be a very important announcement made on Sunday morning. Whoohooo!!!!

Gwenevere stayed upstairs last night and alone all day today. And the carpet remains dry. Praise the Lord!



Currently ReadingThe Patriarchs: Encountering the God of Abraham, Issac & JacobBy Beth Moore

Only two more days until the Renaissance Faire! I cannot wait!

I must confess: I had leftover Chinese for breakfast this morning. Nothing like General Tso's chicken to get your day going!

I also brewed a pot of Vanilla-Almond tea. Oh, it is so lovely!

Yesterday, after leaving Iron Works, I stopped by Tate Farm to pick up mums and pumpkins. I didn't realize that mums were perennial! I'm planting these puppies and spending my pennies on something else, next fall! Still, something about mums and pumpkins on the porch just make it cozy and fall. This is so my favorite time of year!

Friday night, my SS class is getting together at Denise Michael's home and we're going to have a bonfire. Then, on the 29th, Todd said we could have a family bonfire here! I can't wait! I've been telling him since we moved here that I wanted a campfire pit! This year, it begins! Next October, Julia has already said she will bring her crew down for a week or so. I'd really like for it to be in the latter part of the month -- I love the cool weather!

As much as I adore October, I abhor hurricanes. Boo to Wilma. One-Two-Three and a half, Wilma find another path! (Yeah, that's my stinkin' cheer.)

I finished The Preacher's Daughter - Beverly Lewis's newest. Her books always leave me with more questions than answers! But the Amish settings are so captivating . . .

I am so blessed in my husband's love for me. I love and cherish him deeply. God is so very good to me.

Sunday's session in the Patriarch's Bible study was quite fascinating. It was a look at Ishmael's branch, and how that branch translated into modern-day politics. I was completely caught off guard by Moore's comparison of Islam and Mormanism. Incredible. I will probably go back and re-watch that particular session. And perhaps week three -- the hair week -- also! I've never laughed quite so heartily!



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