Saturday, October 08, 2005

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This morning, I'm having a lovely cup of Earl Grey. This is a fine blend of China teas flavored with bergamot (a pear shaped orange, having a rind which yields an essential oil used in perfumery--I'm a wealth of tea trivia). The bergamot explains the mild hint of citrus. I much prefer Twining's Earl Grey to Bigelow's Earl Grey. Bigelow's has a bitter aftertaste. I spit you out of my mouth. [That's not as much fun to say if you can't type it with a French accent, Monty Python style.] I have *my* Earl Grey with a little sugar and creamer. Ahhhhhh.

Last night I went to Wal*Mart to do the weekly shop -- somewhere towards the end of my shop, I did something (like pinch a nerve, maybe) in my right leg, where it connects to my pelvic bone. It was all I could do to get through the checkout. It's still causing me to limp and make funny gasps of surprise pain every once in a while. This is what I get for joking about running.
Anyway, earlier in the week, Todd purchased a new, heat-acting, steam-cleaning Bissell! I'm so excited!! It's like magic. We've got company coming over Sunday night, and since Gwenevere has been so "expressive" on my carpet, I knew I wanted it clean -- and it needed time to dry! So when I got home last night from shopping, I went ahead and did the carpet! Thank goodness there's only carpet in the living room, hallway, and the computer room. My house smells nice this morning. And Gwenevere is in the basement.

Today I am heading to Tate Farms! I don't know where I'll be working -- either at the gate or in the concessions. I'd really prefer the gate, but I'm just happy to be there! It's *such* a fun place. ****Note to Jocelyn -- you should bring some friends home one weekend and take them! We built a pumpkin cannon at Iron Works -- I got to test it -- and it is such a blast!****

Todd and James are due home around 1:00 this afternoon. I miss my guys! I hope they had a wonderful time. James is a man. He went on a men's retreat. Where has my little boy gone? Fiddler on the Roof.

Todd was so sweet to me this week! On Tuesday, he sent me "Happy Birthday" flowers to work (even though my birthday isn't until Monday, 10/10), with a card that read, "Happy Birthday, PART ONE. Love, Todd" Isn't that sweet? Wednesday, when I got to church, there was a ceramic pumpkin, two mini-scarecrows, a balloon, and a card waiting for me in the conference room (where I was holding a meeting). Thursday, when I got home, there were bags of candy corn hanging all over the place, and on the bed he'd spelled out "miss you" in hard candies! My husband is one of God's biggest blessings for me!

Time to hit the shower. Hey -- it's SATURDAY! Whoohoo!

Auf Wiedersehen!


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