Tuesday, October 11, 2005

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Some days are just too full to be able to write cohesively about them. I love days like that! My last *two* days have been like that! My God blesses me beyond my imagination.

Jocelyn, I've sent you pictures . . . will you please check your e-mail?!?

Now I get ready to lay me down to sleep . . . right after I take a peek at marthstewart.com!



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The Tea of the Day is Irish Breakfast blend; a rich, traditional blend of small, full-bodied leaves. Robust and pungent, it hails from the Assam region of India. I enjoy this one almost as much as the English Breakfast blend.

Merlin saved me this morning. Usually (on night when Todd's on shift and Merlin can sleep in the room), when my alarm goes off in the morning, Merlin gets up and walks around me, licking my arms and nose. This morning he did that *before* my alarm went off. I just patted him down and he sat for about ten minutes, then he got up and went through the licking routine again! This time I rolled over and looked at the clock . . . 6:11! My alarm was supposed to go off at 6:00! Merlin knew what time it was -- he didn't need no stinkin' alarm clock

I had the pants scared off me this morning. Literally. I'll share later. Plus, I had a great birthday evening with James! He got me the platinum release of Cinderella! Yeay-rah! I've got to go get ready. James is heading down to the clean-up effort in South Alabama this morning.



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