Sunday, October 09, 2005

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This morning, I'm having a cup of French roast coffee, with just a hint of hazelnut. Yummmmmm. Good to the last drop!

Yesterday was a good day. Work at the Farm was great! I got to work admissions **yippee!!** which is now housed in a brand new outbuilding, instead of in an open, telephone-booth thing. God is so good!! Especially since I was not dressed to be out in the elements! There were *tons* of people through there yesterday. Like, whoa. Sometimes people are really despicable. One couple came through with their daughter. The guy was prepared to pay for two adults, and then he commented that he thought his daughter would get in free. So I asked how old she was. He turned to the little girl and told her to "tell the lady how old you are -- come on, tell her" and so the little girl looked at me and started to hold up three fingers, looked at her daddy, and held up two. The dad looked at me and said, "There you have it," and I said, children who've had their second birthday pay regular admission. So they paid $15 and went on it. As they left, the mom picked up the little girl and said, "It's okay honey, you did just as we practiced--you did what you were supposed to do." I couldn't help but think they made that little girl put up two fingers instead of three, hoping they'd get her in for free. It made me a little angry, and a lot sad. But that was the only incident at the gates yesterday. Mostly, people were happy to be there! It makes me laugh -- children come running up when they first arrive, all giggles and shouts, ready to play, and they leave crying and whining, not wanting to go! It's so funny.

I put out the fall stuff yesterday afternoon! I lost a couple of things to storage mildew again. Ugh. But that's okay -- I replaced them with new things! :)

Todd and I went to LAWN CORN STAY COWS last night for dinner. Guess what I got? Chicken tenders!! They were so good! And Todd got beef tips with mushroom sauce over mashed potatoes. That was really good too! And we had a caramel apple dumpling for dessert.

What a way to kick off my birthday weekend!

From dinner we went to Linens'nThings -- one of my favorite stores -- and I picked out my birthday presents. Don't laugh, but I got a turkey roaster (it came with a rack, a baster, a carving fork and knife, and poker thingies) for $14.99. They had the SAME exact roaster without all the stuff, for $19.99, but they had $10 rebates attached to them. Well, I decided I was going for the $14.99 one with all the stuff. Then Todd read the rebate thingie, and mine was covered on it too! So in the end, I'll get all my stuff for $4.99! I love a bargain. I'm glad Todd was with me -- he looks out for my best interests! :)

I've got to get ready for church. I have more to say, but never enough time to say it all.



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