Saturday, January 16, 2010

and the drumroll please . . .

It is (finally) FINISHED!!!!

I was starting to get a little anxious with myself; I'm such a procrastinator and I know it. But last night, before nine o'clock, I stitched my last stitch, took my final pictures, wrote a little note, and tucked it into the envelope! I will feel much better when I've gotten it to the post office and it's out of my hands . . .

I was more confident playing around with the stitches on my machine for the applique part this time. I love the effects that it adds to the leaves and the acorns! I still hand quilted, so I could leave the stitches bigger and loopier; I wanted the quilting to have a more whimsical look. Well, like leaves floating down off the trees to the ground. :)

I was pleased with my tag on the back, too. Mostly because the name of the topper was inspired by our homesite, A-Corn Hill. All this picture shows is the name, my initials and the year, but I also used the blank space above to sign it (with the same pens we used for Joc's signature quilt at the wedding) and to put the occasion (Fall-Inspired Mini Quilt Swap).

Wanna know where it's going??? To ..... nope. It's a SECRET! But I will say that it's heading WEST! :) I hope my swap pal likes it!

We were to post on the flicker group when we'd sent it off. I noted that I needed to have deadlines imposed by higher powers on all my quilting projects; I'd have fewer UFOs!

Happy day!


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