Wednesday, January 20, 2010

counting down . . .

Yesterday, my swap recipient, Sylvia, let me know that she'd received the fall table topper I did for her! Yay! I'm so impressed; I put it in the mail on Saturday, regular first class mail, and she received it on Tuesday. Way to go USPS! Considering Monday was a holiday, she got it the very next mail day. WOW! In retrospect, I'm really glad I didn't spent the extra $5 bucks and send it priority; I don't think she'd have gotten it any faster! Anyway, she was very sweet and she likes it!

So now the wait begins . . . I have a little feeling I *might* have guessed . . . but I don't know . . . all the completed swap quilts look so AWESOME on the flicker website! I'd be excited to receive any one of them! I hope it gets here before Thursday night, so I can take it to show & tell at the guild meeting.

I can't wait!


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