Sunday, January 10, 2010

this is for the birds . . .

Yesterday morning Todd and I sat at the picture window watching the birds eat breakfast. It was so much fun to watch the jays dive into the corn like kamikaze pilots. I'm not kidding. They fly head-first towards the ground at break-neck speeds, only to pull up and land on their feet at the very last second. And just as the jay gets comfortable in the corn, the red-headed woodpecker swoops down and displaces the jay. Not to eat corn, mind you, but simple to chase off the big ol' blue jay. Then the cardinal (Nick) comes in and flits from feeder to feeder, preening himself between dainty bites of black oil sunflowers seeds. He's such an aristocrat! Then there are the little birds; the sparrows, the wrens, the chickadees, the juncos, and the tufted titmouses (or would that be titmice?) who steadily consume their weight in feed. They make me laugh as they chatter and eat and chatter. And eat and eat and eat! Then two of them will fly swirlies together as if they're twitterpated in the dead of winter. But it's so pretty to watch! The nuthatches do their funny little hop-skip-jump upside down on the tree, and the downy woodpecker hangs close to, actually ON, the suet feeder.

Why didn't I share this all in yesterday's post? Because yesterday was a serious, introspective, Pulitzer prize winning post day. You can't write about birds and twittering and be a Pulitzer prize winner unless you're Robert Frost. Whom I'm definitely not. Hahahaha!

Anyway, we sat at the window and watched the birds and ate breakfast. You do remember me sharing that I was going to make my darling man a yummy breakfast of sausage apple pie, right? I'm sorry to report that it didn't happen. In my defense though, it's not for lack of trying. It's for lack of light apple pie filling. So instead, I opted to tweak a recipe I'd tried a couple of months ago at our mini-retreat. It's healthy, hot, and very tasty. It's whole wheat bread, turkey sausage, peppers, onions, mushrooms, assorted herbs & spices, eggs, milk, and cheese. Layered and allowed to sit overnight, it took 30 minutes in a hot oven and it was ready to chow down! Which we did. :)

We were without water again yesterday; did I mention that? We actually lost it Friday afternoon, which, given the temperatures, is no big surprise. I feel so badly for my husband, because I can *see* how it eats at him until it's fixed. It makes me realize how incredibly blessed I am to have him as a husband; my provider and my protector. I need to be more purposeful in my recognition of him. I'm sometimes quick to challenge his way of doing things. An example would be with the heaters and the water sources. I was a little anxious about leaving them (the heaters) on overnight. But instead of saying something (or at least I don't think I did; I hope I didn't) I got to thinking about the fact that my husband wouldn't do anything to endanger me; he's a very smart and resourceful man. Not to mention the fact that he was schooled as an electrician and he's a FIRE FIGHTER! If he is comfortable with his plan, who the heck am I to challenge him? Good gracious; I need to read this paragraph frequently!

I did get my applique leaves on my swap project. I'm didn't want to get the sewing machine out until the water was on and the heaters were put up. The down side to our living arrangement is that there's only so many machines that can be plugged in and working at a time! No matter. Water was back by late afternoon and Monday is an off day. I'll get her done.

Friday is the third annual board meeting for Restoring the Church Ministries. Three years already!! What an incredible ride it's been so far. We've come a long way since our original vision. I mean, we're actually living in our fifth-wheel RV!!!!! I cannot wait to experience what God has for us this year!

Two weeks from yesterday we'll have another wedding in the family. It's with gratitude that I note I'm just a guest at this one! :) My nephew, Michael Jr. is getting married in HOTlanta! It will be so awesome to see my whole family again after only six months! Yippee!!!

Today is Sunday, so I'm off to ready myself for church! Pictures will have to wait until I can upload them on Tuesday. :(



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