Thursday, January 28, 2010

cat's in the house (or, in the office . . .)

This is Reese. She's the shop cat where I work. Or rather, the office cat. She tries to be a shop cat--and sometimes she escapes and is successful--but that is not our preference for her.

She's a big help. Uh, yeah. She's big, anyway. She came to us as a stray; and the guys in the shop fed her bean burritos and she went from being a tiny stray baby, to a HUGE cat. But then she went to the vet and the doc told us she needed to diet extreme. So.

But she looks pretty! (Pretty greasy.) She has lots of nicknames . . . Reesey-peasey-butterball-obesey. . . Greasy Reesey . . . Stinkin' Cat . . . oh wait. That was Merlin's nickname.

If nothing else, she's good for our entertainment.

See how wide & wild her whiskers are? Did you know a cat's whiskers grow as wide as the cat's girth, to help them know if they'll be able to fit into small spaces?? Okay, do you *see* how wide her whiskers are?!?!

This is her "hen-pecked" look.

She wasn't pleased.

She knows how to get away from the torture....ummm, I mean, playing. (See the sag in that in-box?)

She *loves* a good cuddle. Yeah, I know, she doesn't look very happy in the above shot, but I *did* say a _good_ cuddle. That was an aggravating cuddle. Just ask her.

She really is a sweet-tempered cat, who puts up with about anything. She's very chatty and loves people; not a stranger ever walks into our showroom! If you don't pet her, she'll put her head under your hand, to give you inspiration. She's the only cat in my life on a daily basis now. I think she understands the responsibility; she's become my best buddy since we moved and my darling Merlin went to stay with James & Kim & Belle.

The only thing she lacks is a quilt to lay on while it's being worked on. She settles for payroll.



3 expressed . . .:

Mama Spark said...

I think she is beautiful!

mandapanda said...

I think she's gorgeous too! Funny how cats love to craft too, isn't it?

Sarah said...

Denise - thanks for the link - Reese is a beautiful cat who appears to have been well loved. Fav pic is her closeup (last photo) and funniest is the sagging inbox. I'm sure you miss her greatly.