Wednesday, January 27, 2010

mail call!

So I slipped into the post office yesterday afternoon to check our post office box and guess what I found???


A package? For me??? Who could have sent it?

Hahaha! I've been expecting you, ma cherie! (Which is most appropriate, because my little package came from Calgary, AB, CANADA)! I got a package from Canada!! Well, Canada didn't really send it; it came from LEE in Canada!

It's a beeee-yooo-tiful fall-inspired mini quilt! And it really is quite charming.

I love the viney leaf pattern quilted in the borders! This makes me more inclined to get out my sewing machine and practice machine quilting. I love the things you can do with the machine and the look of it. But I'm a little ... afraid. And a LOT impatient!

And the title, "Fall View" is so appropriate, given all the wonderful colors that make this pretty topper!

Lee also sent me a little extra, "just because." !!! Isn't she *sew* sweet?!? It's a darling little zippered bag. I *love* zippered bags! :)

Lee, again and again, thank you! It's lovely and I love it!

Jour hereux!


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Cathy Shepherd said...

So pretty! And from my country, even if it is several thousands miles from where I am.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Very pretty - like the bag, too!

Tina Wright Photography said...

OH DENISE!!! ... *SEW* Beautiful it is!!!.. and yes she is ever *sew* sweet! What a lovely treat! and How fun for you!! Such a treasure! I want to get in on one of these sometime! :) ... Thanks for sharing!! ...

Lee said...

Denise I am so glad you like your mini quilt. It looks great on your table. I had fun making it.

Carol said...

Beautiful mini quilt. I sent to Lee and had fun with that :)