Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a view down the aisle (grocery, that is) . . .

Is it just me, or does anyone else *really* enjoy shopping in grocery stores?

I'm not talking about shopping in Wal-Mart. While it does have a grocery *section*, it is not a *true* grocery store.

I mean like, well, Publix (my personal favorite) or Kroger, or even Star Mart. In Maryland it would have been Giant. A grocery, grocery store (because if I say it twice, you'll *have* to understand what I mean)!

I enjoy the act of grocery shopping. Of comparing prices (and not just face value prices, but per ounce/unit/whatev prices), and finding new products and checking ingredient labels and nutrition values.

I'm so weird!

And I like planning a meal off the top of my head once inside the doors. I don't usually shop this way. I'm very organized with a menu for the week and a grocery list with everything in order of the aisles. But every once in a while, I like to stop in and say, "What's gonna be for dinner tonight?!" and take it from there. Zipping back and forth between the aisles as inspiration bursts forth!

I like to visit the deli, bakery, seafood and meat counters. I chat with the folks behind the counters. The bakery folks are always busy, busy, busy. I like to tell them all how good it smells at that end of the store. I usually chat with the folks at the deli the longest, because I always have a big order for them, getting my sandwich meats and cheese. The folks at the meat counter are *so* helpful; they are always happy to take a big package of ground beef and make it smaller for me. And then the seafood folks . . . always a very lively bunch.

I like helping the shopper who absolutely cannot find the organic almond butter, by telling her that it’s not with the peanut butter, it’s with the condiments on aisle over, in the organic section. I just know. :)

I like traveling down the aisle that has all the gadgets and seeing if there’s anything new there or anything I might really need in order to effectively prepare any of my meals for the following week. (I never do, but I still like to make sure.)

I like wandering up and down each aisle, smiling sympathetically at moms with lots of kids in and around their carts, asking for all kinds of things in loud voices. (Yes. It makes me smile, even chuckle a little. Because I’ve been there, done that.)

I like looking at the bins that have the sale items and being pleasantly surprised when my favorite hot chocolate is buy one, get one FREE!

Sometimes I like to get a new item that I’ve never tried before just because it’s something I’ve never tried. It’s like having a mini-adventure!

I like unloading my cart onto the conveyor belt, making sure like items are grouped together for easier bagging and unloading. First, all freezer foods, then all fresh foods, then all cans, then all boxes, then all non-food items, then the bread, eggs, and any other delicate items, and finally, the little stuff that goes in your purse, like the gum and chocolate-covered raisins. I know the baggers see my organization skills and are impressed. They want me to teach classes for the rest of the shoppers.

I like looking at the magazine rack while I wait for it to be my turn. I’d never buy one of those gossip magazines, but reading the covers makes me laugh. Tom Cruise did WHAT????!

I like joking with the cashiers and the baggers, making small chit-chat. Or, if it’s one of my regulars, asking what they’ve been up to or how their families are. And, when I’m in Publix, I love that the bagger asks to take my groceries to the car, and helps me unload them and puts the cart up for me. I especially like this service if it’s RAINing outside!

And so now you know why I love going to the grocery store!

Happy shopping!


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Lee said...

I thought I was the only one that made my grocery list in order of the aisles at the store and who groups like items on the conveyor belt! Then again great minds think alike!!!