Sunday, January 17, 2010

you might wonder . . .

. . . how one goes from a 2,500+ square feet brick and mortar home, complete with eat-in kitchen, office, several bedrooms, and most importantly, a beautiful sewing/quilting room, to this comfy, cozy habitat with living space just under 450 square feet . . .
It's a realistic question, one I asked myself several times before just jumping in and doing it! Really I wasn't so worried about the cooking or resting or entertaining as much as I was moving from my pretty yellow sewing room . . .
With it's windows (one of which was big and open and gave me a happy view of the bird activity), and bright and cheery lighting, my pictures and books, the tools of my trade, lots and lots of storage space, and things that just made it ME . . .
to what is now the residence of my crafting . . . the back bunkroom.

Especially since the bunkroom was not just to be my sewing/quilting room (a hobby which, by the way, takes up a LOT of space), it was also to be Todd's office. Gulp!

The first thing Todd did was remove the storage unit that was in the center of the room. While on the one hand it did take away some shelving/closet space, on the other hand, it opened up precious, precious,
P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S floor space!

We pulled the mattresses (they were the cheap kind, big loss) off the bunks, and replaced them with an assortment of plastic drawers for quilting/sewing supplies and office supplies . . .

My cutting table is a permanent fixture, but the ironing board is easy enough to fold and tuck away when I need more room to walk around in.

My stash is in the giant tub on the lower bunk; Eventually I'll put the kits I've collected (to work on in my retirement, when I can't afford to purchase them anymore) into the vacuum sealed bags, and I'll store those in our "basement". Yes, our RV does have a basement. And it's pretty decent sized! Anyway, clearing those out of my drawers will allow me to move things around so it's easier to get to. I was commenting to Todd last night, as I was working on getting the Rooster ready for quilting, that I missed having all my tools out and available so I could just put my hands on them. We've purchased the materials we need to hang peg board on the back of the bathroom door (seen behind the iron board, above), so I can hang all my rulers and squares and cutters, and get to them with ease.

Todd's "desk" is actually another table like my cutting table, only without the extended legs. It can be pushed back against the bunks on the other side of the room when he's not using it. Last night we were both working in there without any problem. I'll admit it though, I'm a room hog! My darling husband is very accommodating.

The bed in the master bedroom is a standard queen, and I've got a cardboard cutting surface I can lay out over it if I need the extra space to lay out fabric and pattern, or even baste a quilt to ready it for quilting. Where there's a will there's a way!

Lastly, I've been sewing at the kitchen table. I'm not sure whether I like it or not. It puts me sitting at an unusual height in relation to the machine. One that affords me a really good, close-up look at what I'm doing! I've also got a card table I can pull out if I feel the need to more space while I sew. But it would have to be set up in the middle of the kitchen floor. In the spring/summer/fall, I would consider sewing outside, but I'd prefer a screened room to sew in before moving the show to the great outdoors!

Anyway, taking our entire lives on the road, so to speak, has not hobbled my ability to produce. I've finished four quilting projects and started and finished three sewing projects since we made the move. I'm resourceful and we -- Todd & I -- are both determined to make this work!

Happy quilting to me!


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