Monday, January 11, 2010

can't make me!

I am not going anywhere today.

Now hear me correctly . . . I didn't say I wasn't *doing* anything today; in fact, I've already been quite productive. I got up and made Todd's lunch, fixed (re-heated) breakfast--that yummy breakfast casserole I made on Saturday--and had coffee with him before he went out on shift. Then I had another cup of coffee and washed the dishes, folded towels, got more laundry started, made the bed, wiped down all the counter tops, and swept. Then I had another cup of coffee and washed my face, brushed my teeth, pulled my hair back, and got dressed.

Honestly, I've done a good day's work, and it's only nine in the morning. I'm feeling pretty good about myself! And having another cup of coffee.

But I'm still not getting in my vehicle and going ANYwhere today.

*This is the day that I pull out the sewing machine and finish the applique on my swap topper.
Yes, this is the one that *has* to be in Saturday's mail, on its way to its new owner!

*This is the day that I put old movies in the DVD player.
Hmmm . . . decisions, decisions . . . such tough decisions!

*This is the day I make a pot of tea in the beautiful glass teapot that all the kids got me for Mother's Day.
Pomegranate Pizzazz . . . very yummy!

*This is the day I sit and watch the wildlife flit in and out of my picture window's view.
Oh wait. I pretty much do that *every* day! Can you blame me?

As long as we're clear . . . I'm not leaving this place today. I love Mondays!



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