Saturday, January 30, 2010

another *sweet* surprise!

Have you ever just randomly googled your name? I do, just every so often, not out of any sort of vanity or anything, but just to make sure my name isn't being used--or rather, misused--in some bizarre fashion. I did that earlier in the week; Tuesday, I think it was. The search results come back fairly lickety-split, because there aren't that many of them out there to find! One or two in connection with the blog; a couple from back in the day when i was posting on newsgroups, like rec.gardens, one from some Rugrats page where the list owner included (by permission) a comment I'd make on alt.books.stephen-king (ages ago) about cartoons pandering to adults as much as children, and one hit came back from the list of participants in the Quilt Gallery's fall-inspired mini-quilt swap. A few are offerings with variations of my name, so they're not really me, and some have nothing to do with me or my name at all. It's not, by any means, a wowzer set of results; like I said, I do it as housekeeping, more than anything else!

But . . . this time . . . about halfway down the page one of the items caught my eye. I knew it was recent because it said Denise Panter of New Market, AL, and I've only lived here since November. Intrigued, I clicked on the
entry, and guess what?!?!

I. won. again.

I didn't even know it! I'd entered my name for random drawings Planet Patchwork was doing on New Year's Day, and evidently, I won in the third hour of their drawings, a copy of Make Your First Quilt with M'Liss Rae Hawley courtesy of C&T Publishing. LOL! I don't know what it is with me and winning things. Anyway, Planet Patchwork's website said winners would get their prizes within 30 days, and that no other communication would be forthcoming. I'm glad I found that--I'd forgotten I'd even entered; that book would have come in the mail and I'd have had no *clue* why!!

So, I share all that to say that today, I think it came!!! How's that for definitive? We checked our po box after hours today, and in the box was a slip that said, "You have a mail item too large for your box." Which means I have to wait until Monday to find out for sure, but I think it is . . . I hope it is . . . I'm *sure* it has to be! Yay!

In other news, our snow turned to rain by yesterday afternoon, but temps have dropped today and it's snowing again. It's snowing HARD! I don't think we're going to get five or six (or even two) inches, but it's sure pretty coming down, especially with all the woodland creatures flitting in and out of the trees. My favorites are the cardinals and the blue jays; such pretty splashes of vivid color amidst the snowy white backdrop. I'm sure the deer will move in soon.

I got to Hobby Lobby this morning and got the remainder of the fabric I need for Sawyer's quilt; I got the orange for the borders and sashing, a lovely brown flannel for the back, and a really dark brown for the binding. It's all in the washer/dryer (I think it's moved to the dry cycle--the RV has stopped shaking) so I'll be able to press and cut it tonight/tomorrow.

I also finished cutting all the strips for another baby quilt I'm making for Kim's friend, Kim, who's having a little girl in February.

Julia e-mailed me a picture of the Rooster, hanging on her wall. Yay! It's nice to see him finally at home.

Todd's working on his Sunday School lesson for tomorrow, I'm quilting and puttering, the coffee pot is on, and nature is -- surrounding us! I'll put a pot of minestrone on for dinner tonight, and we'll just be cozy, warm, and happy.

I do count it all joy.


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Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Oh congrats on your win! Sounds like you're having a joy filled day over there! Awesome!