Friday, July 01, 2011

cleaning up . . .

Since I'm not working anymore and I've got a *little* more time to think of food prep and meals, I've been trying to test and add some healthier recipes to our meal planning. When I was going through my magazines last week (I go through them, cut out the pages that have recipes, ideas, or projects that appeal to me and scan them to my hard drive), I came across a recipe for Flank Steak Roll (or Meat Rollups, as my husband has dubbed it) out of Clean Eating magazine (which is very fun and full of great recipes).

I was a little nervous about trying it. I've had a tough time with rolling foods to be cooked before, and not only was this rolled, but I had to slice the flank steak in half lengthwise, first, and then stuff it! The stuffing was a wonderful mixture of toasted pine nuts, panko (which I'd never used before this recipe), garlic and vinegar, topped off with fresh spinach. The process was actually very, very easy.

So I got it all ready, then rolled it up and got to use kitchen twine!

All pretty and ready to go into the pan and then into the oven. Forty minutes later . . .

Voila! She is done!

It held its rolled up shape very nicely when cut. I did have to affirm that the pink the middle was the panko mixture (because of the red vinegar) and not the color of the meat! He likes his meat DONE! Once we were cool on that, he was ready for dinner to be served!

And a good dinner it was. Todd said we could add this to our list! The only trouble I had was that it makes so much. I didn't enjoy it as much reheated for lunch today, but Todd really did. Ah well, next time I make it, I'll invite someone over to join us!

Happy Friday, y'all -- I'm off to clean out some of the junk in our RV basement, now. And tomorrow, joy of all joys, I'm off to our Stitcher's group stitch-in!


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Paula and Mel said...

YUM! I could have eaten the picture! Really.

Have fun at your stitchers group. Happy 4th of July!