Saturday, July 30, 2011

life is good . . .

Thursday night Todd and I were able to put up over six quarts of apples in the freezer ... they're all set and ready to go into apple pies! There's something about putting up (canning or freezing) fruits or vegetables that you've grown yourself that is immensely satisfying. I know I'll make more than six apples pies over the course of the coming fall/winter, but those made with apples from our own tree will taste the best!

Then yesterday afternoon I took the figs and made a batch of freezer jam. Because I used splenda and not sugar -- along with the sugar free pectin -- I was a little anxious about it setting up okay, but it did great! Todd and I will have a little fig jam on our English muffins this morning!

Doesn't it look yummy? You'll have to take my word for it, I'm afraid. Unless you stop by for breakfast some morning. Soon. I'm sure it won't last too long!

Since my darling husband was on shift yesterday, I had dinner with James, Kim and . . .


He's showing off here for his daddy's new camera. James showed me some of the videoing capabilities of his camera last night. Very, very nice. He gave me a green screen demo; it was very cool. I learned why they snap that slate and say, "Take One" or whatever. It has to do with lining up the audio with the video, which is why they have to show the slate snapping as well as taking the audio of it.

James and Kim ran out for a bit while I was there, so I got to spend bath time with my Sawyer. He's so much fun in the tub! And getting ready for bedtime, when he's so snuggly and lovey, is my favorite. It prompted me to take my own little video clip . . .

He melts my heart! Life is good.


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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

awww the video is so cute!

Gmama Jane said...

Awww, that melted my heart as well. How blessed we are to have Grandchildren for GRAND they are for sure!!!! He was into those Eskimo kisses with those big head nods. So cute, Denise. I can't wait for Jocleyn's baby to arrive. I have Emma Grace tonight. She and I went to a sewing class at Hancock Fabrics and had a lovely day sewing together. I bought her a little sewing project just right for her little hands. She wants a sewing machine for Christmas. I think I've found the perfect little machine for her that will be safe yet allow her to really sew! I need to go to's almost 1:00

Love Bears All Things said...

I've never made fig preserves. Our neighbor has some right on our fence line and she doesn't use them. The birds get to eat them. I never cared for them when Mother made them. I think it is because they were so sweet. I like fig newtons, though.
You'll have to share your apple pie recipe.
Mama Bear