Tuesday, July 05, 2011

family, food & fun . . .

We had a marvelous Independence Day celebration up at the camp! Guess who came to visit?!?

Yes! My darling Sawyer! Look how grown up he looks! He was just a kid at the camp yesterday. He brought his mommy and daddy, too. And Jocelyn and Jason came as well, to make the family circle complete!

Todd was the grill master for the event. Every family brought their own meat to grill and a side to share. It was a good plan!

I decked out a picnic table so it looked rather 4th-ish. I'd purchased some citronella candles for the table, to help keep bugs away. They actually did a pretty good job!

None of us just brought "one dish" to share, so the buffet table was full! It was almost like Thanksgiving!! It was funny -- once the meat was all ready and the lids taken off the serving dishes, someone remarked, "What are we waiting for, let's eat!"

Sawyer knew what that meant -- he ran for his chair. He was ready to eat too!

Such a charmer. He held up his end of the dinner conversation quite well. No one could understand all that he was saying, but his tone was cheery!

There was plenty for everyone. Joc made a yummy, not-your-typical coleslaw and a tomato and corn salad that was *wonderful*! Kim made roasted potatoes and a sugar-free apple pie (which was delish)! Jason even tossed in a pan of brownies he made just for the event! Add to that the prerequisite baked beans and watermelon . . .

And as you can see, plates were full!!

Sawyer particularly enjoyed the watermelon! (Never tell a young child to say, "Cheese!" when they have a mouthful of watermelon. LOL!)

Sawyer had three or four rides in the golf cart. He just loves riding around in that thing and he sits so nicely and quietly while it's moving. Early in the evening, I asked Sawyer if he wanted to go for a ride. He didn't answer me, he just took off running for the golf cart. Oh, I guess he *did* answer me!

Jason was the camera master for the evening!

He used an 8-second exposure to help create these fun effects! I can write my name with a sparkler!

And the star was fun, too.

James, who was having more fun with the sparklers than anyone, was our fireworks master for the evening. Jason had purchased a bunch of fireworks a year ago and brought them. He was having fun filming, so James agreed to light the fuses.

We had some rockets red glare.

And bombs bursting in air.

Giving proof through the night, that time with family is the best.


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Bo Williams said...

Awesome shots. I need to set up for some of those long exposures next time!

Paula said...

What a lovely celebration you had. Oh my! Has Sawyer ever changed! I could not believe my eyes. Such a happy guy.
Fireworks are so much fun.
Glad you had a wonderful day and thanks for sharing it all with us.