Tuesday, July 12, 2011

knock, knock . . .

Hi Neesey, c'mon in!

Hey my darling Sawyer! What are you doing today?

I'm playing house -- you want to play with me? Come play!

Sawyer, I can't imagine anything I'd rather be doing than playing with you!

Neesey, this is my panda. I love him a lot. Mmmmwah!

Sawyer, I can see indeed that your panda is well-loved!

What's for lunch, Neesey?

How about sharing my zucchini and tortellini, and a piece of pizza for you?

Yum! That sounds really good, Neesey.

Sawyer, you have such big blue eyes!

First you see 'em, now you don't, Neesey!

Sawyer, you are so silly! I love you!

Nee--seeeeeeey . . .

Yes, Sawyer dear?

My lunch is that-a-way!

Okay, darling boy, here it comes.

Mmmm mmmm yummmmy!

Tortellini must be good?

And so are the bread sticks, Neesey!

I see that, Sawyer!

Now that I'm done and all cleaned up, will you read to me?

Of course I will, sweet boy! Let's find a book with bigger print, okay?

What about this one, Neesey? I like this one!

God Knows All About Me -- that's a good choice, Sawyer!

Does God really know all about me, Neesey?

Yes, darling boy, He certainly does.

At least, that's how I imagine his part of our conversation went yesterday! He's quite the chatterbox -- he talks nonstop! It's not his fault I can understand but a word, here and there. And it won't be long before his words will be clear and intelligible, either. He's grown a little (lot) more every time I see him. And he's so bright! I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with him yesterday. He's such a cuddly, loving little boy.

Tomorrow morning I'm getting up very early, grabbing my suitcase, and headed out with my friends, Kathy and Kari, on a road trip to Knoxville, Tennessee! We're going to take in the first day of the AQS show, spend the night, and do a little shopping. I'm thrilled to be able to go! I'll be sure to take my camera and my battery charger. Lots of fun pics when I return. And maybe a purchase or two?! Hahaha!



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Cathy said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Sawyer day. And sometimes those kind of conversations are the best kind. I wish I could go to the AQS show with you. (sigh)

Gmama Jane said...

Have a wonderful time! MY friend in WV is going there and she wanted me to come and meet up with her and her sister but I thought I was going to be at my sister's house. Plans changed and I forgot all about the quilt show in Knoxville. BooHoo!! Take lots of pictures. I love all the vendors! I went to the show in Pigeon Forge back in March and I was on vendor overload. OOH all the wonderful "toys" and fabric. Squeal!!! Check out the Living Socail deal I sent to you

Linda in Calif. said...

What a cute, cute post! And little Sawyer is such sweetie! I bet he was a blast to be with. Buy something really cool a the show! Have fun.

Paula said...

Love,love,love the post. So sweet. Sawyer is growing so very fast. I had to laugh when I read the part about the larger print.Oh, so true for me also.
You have a wonderful and safe trip. I will be here waiting for pictures and a full report.

Pat said...

Enjoy your trip. I loved the photos and your captions for each of them were just perfect!

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness...he is getting sooo big! He's just as cute as ever. Thanks for the smile. :)