Saturday, July 23, 2011

mystery, thread, tea . . .

Well, no -- they're *not* all connected. I'm not throwing a mystery tea party with a thread theme, if that's what you were wondering. I'm just looking at the last few days and hitting a couple the highlights.

Thursday evening was our guild meeting. It was packed! Among other things, all the women who participated in the guild's mystery quilt were to bring in their tops for display. Look at all these wonderful quilts!

It never, never ceases to amaze me how one pattern can look so very different, just by switching out color/fabric. As you can see, there's a wide array of both! It was fun to see everyone's hard work.

Our speaker was Nancy Sapin, the Sulky National Educator. She was very vibrant and energized and quite fun to listen to. Are you aware of all the amazing things you can do with thread? Well, with Sulky threads (and stabilizers), anyway.

This was one of the sample projects she passed around. I wish I could have captured the lattice look of the picture background. It was wonderful! I know I'm going to want to duplicate that look in something I do soon -- perhaps a quilted postcard. I wish I'd had my brains in gear earlier in the game and snapped photos of all the sample stuff she passed around!

These were some of her thread baskets and boxes. And I don't mean boxes for holding thread. I mean they were created with thread (and stabilizers)!

She held a build-a-box workshop last night. After seeing these I was a little sad I hadn't signed up for that workshop! But I'm really looking forward to going to today's workshop, which is thread play. We'll be getting a kit with all kinds of fun threads and stabilizers and she's going to walk us through playing with them.

Friday, I met up with one of the young women from our church, at my favorite tea place . . .

Emma's! Amberley had never been there and I hadn't been there in a month, so it was a good choice.

Requisite outing picture. I'm glad the ladies who work at Emma's are always so obliging to take a snapshot for me!

Lunch was fabulous as always, as was the tea I tried -- chocolate hazelnut -- but the piece de resistance was this lovely brownie trifle!

It's actually half a trifle. Isn't that nice? I can't imagine eating two of these, but they'll take one, split it into two sweet little bowls, and serve it for the same price. It was just perfect.

Okay. Well maybe I *could* have eaten a bite more. At least I didn't lick my bowl, right?

I'm not so sure about the little lady who sat at the table next to us . . .

This is the smile of a girl who licks the bowl if I ever saw one!

I'm off to thread play -- then a pack of Boy Scouts are heading into the camp this afternoon, and I *may* get in a little Sawyer time this evening! What a GREAT Saturday!


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Pat said...

Sounds like a great guild meeting and also a fun time at the tea room! Thanks for sharing.

Love Bears All Things said...

I found you this morning at The Simple Woman’s Daybook. The first post I read was the one about the Guild’s workshop as you’ll see from my comment. Then I scrolled down to the previous post about the Guild meeting and the mystery quilt. I know someone who was working on one and I was suspicious that you might be in the same Guild, so I read your profile. It just said you’re in Alabama but then I saw your mention of the Heritage Quilters and I knew I was right. I live in Huntsville, too. I am a new quilter, too. The ladies I know who are in the Guild are very experienced quilters and they have mentioned that I should join. I didn’t know they had workshops like that... and I just figured all the members were like the ones I knew and I would be out of place.
I’m so glad I found you and I will be back to visit as I am going to follow you. Now, I’ll read a few more of your older posts.
Mama Bear