Thursday, July 21, 2011

a fun day with a quilty friend . . .

My first longings to quilt were stirred long, long before I actually put the backing to the batting (so to speak). My grandma (my mom's mom) was a quilter and made lots of beautiful quilts by hand. I always admired her ability to take pieces of fabric and turn them into beautiful quilt tops. My favorite was a Dresden Plate quilt she made, though I have no idea where it went. I do have a Grandmother's Garden quilt top she was working on when she died. Someday I'll garner the courage to finish it, perhaps. I've always loved sewing and fabric and creating with my sewing machine, but after a failed attempt when my children were very young, many years passed before I considered quilting again.

Two things happened to resurface that quilting desire. One was a friend who was working on a BOM during a Bible study. The other was my friend, Jane. We had gone to her home for a church Superbowl party/fellowship and she was watching the game and quilting on this beautiful signature quilt she'd made for her daughter's wedding. I so longed to be able to do that, too!! Jane has remained a good friend through the years, and she's also a bloggy friend! Jane is the author of Grandmama's Stories blog. How lucky am I to have a friend that's a quilter *and* a blogger that lives nearby?!?

Yesterday, Jane packed up some of her delicious homemade chicken salad, her bag of quilting, and headed out to Camp MACOBA! After touring the camp, sharing lunch, and watching the birds out the picture window, we pulled out our respective quilting projects and sat down to stitch. Jane is working on a quilt for her grandson . . .

Isn't this darling?! Ryan was up here a couple of weeks ago with his mom. That there's frogs in this quilt is *so* appropriate!! Ryan is going to be so excited to receive this!

This is the back of that quilt . . .

In Jane's words, "the fabric hides a multitude of quilting sins." How funny!

Jane also pulled out and showed me some cute little blocks she was working on. It's from a technique she learned in a class she took in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge.

I hear there might be a little tutorial for this darling little block coming soon to a blog near you!!

I pulled this out to work on . . .

I purchased the cutest little holly stencil that was perfect for the center of the topper.

I had to laugh when I looked at this picture; truly Christmas in July.

Jane was such a darling. Not only did she bring her yummy chicken salad, she also came bearing gifts!

Isn't this cute, CUTE alphabet fabric?

And look at that darling little owl!

And a sweet little mug warmer! She'd received two from another blogging friend; one to keep and one to share. She shared with me! The maple leaf button on it is too cute.

And then these beautiful layer cake swatches . . . in colors right up my alley!

While she was here, I gave her the grand tour in the all-terrain golf cart.

We went up and down this road to the pavilion and down the Nature Trail.

Up and down this steep road to the gate and the main campground.

In and out of the Beech Bottom Trail down to the Secret Creek.

And came down the High Ridge Trail from the ponds.

All in all, we probably better than traveled seven or eight miles in that little golf cart.

When I went to drive her the 100 feet from the RV to the pavilion to get her vehicle, the back tire fell off! Oh my goodness -- the good Lord was certainly watching out for us as we traveled over hill and dale (and down very steep roads)!

It was an awesome day in the life of this quilter. It was followed by a fun evening at the movies with the young women from Ignite City Church. We went to see Winnie the Pooh. It was a darling movie and brought back many nostalgic memories for me. It was *short* too -- which makes it a great movie to take children/grandchildren to see! Tonight it's dinner with my Stitcher's Group and a guild meeting. Yay!


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Cathy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day, yesterday. I hope today is just as good for you.

Pat said...

Sounds like a great day! I'm glad you had such a fun time....and glad you didn't get hurt with that wheel mishap on the golf cart.

Jocelyn said...

Looks like you had fun! :) I like the pirate fabric on Ryan's quilt. Fun stuff!

Linda in Calif. said...

The cup warmer is good idea - and that one sure is cute. And Ryan's quilt is really cute. I like the word Ryan in the sashing.

Gmama Jane said...

It was such a fun day!! I laughed when I saw the golf cart and realized what a pickel we would have been in if that wheel had decided to come off down at the creek! We would have had quite a trek back to the RV!! God must have a sense of humor knowing two wild and crazy gals were out in the wiles of nature with a "Gimpy leg" and no plan B on getting home. He did have to show HIS hand though by allowing the wheel to come off just as you were valet parking me!! Ha!! My place won't be as much fun but we will stitch to our hearts content when you come to my house.