Friday, July 08, 2011

road trip . . . space trip

Two big trips on the schedule for today. The first is one I'm taking to Decherd, Tennessee, to visit Decherd Needleworks and buy some FABRIC!

My friend Kathy is coming by this morning and together we'll travel up the Davy Crockett Highway to visit this small Tennessee town and specifically, the quilt shop! I won a 20% off coupon at our last guild meeting, and since they have a great supply of Civil War fabrics (and I need to get busy on our Stitcher's swap blocks), this seemed to be the perfect place to shop. I love visiting new quilt shops, so I'm looking forward to it!

Then, later this morning (11:26 a.m. EDT), the count is on for the Atlantis shuttle launch -- the last shuttle launch the of the United States. Right now there's still a 70% chance that the launch will be scratched, due to weather, but the crew of astronauts has already appeared and boarded the bus to head to the launch site, so officials are still hoping for a go. It was very touching to listen to the crowds go wild and be so pumped and excited when the crew came out, waving and smiling and everyone.

I'm a little surprised by how emotional I am about this. I remember as a very small child, watching the countdowns for some of the earliest space flights. It felt like everything else stopped and all the world sat watching those launches. I still remember how awestruck I was watching the marvel of a space ship, launching and hurtling into the sky. It's made me sad how much we've come to take space travel and the space and rocket program for granted. But it makes me sadder that today's launch marks the end of an era.

Nonetheless, I'll be listening to the final countdown. It's getting exciting -- they're looking more and more positive for a shuttle launch GO!

And I'll be traveling new roads to new quilt shops -- to forge blocks I've never forged before.

Happy Friday!


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Paula said...

Oh, how I wish I was there to go along. Sounds like a wonderful friend day. So, what ja buy me???? LOL!
I hope you had a fabulous time.