Thursday, July 14, 2011

home again, home again . . .

. . . joggity-jog!

What a glorious, fun and frivilous two days it's been! We road-tripped, ooh'ed and aah'ed over quilts and fat quarters, shopped, ate, shopped, ate and shopped and shopped and shopped. And then we got up today and shopped some more!

Our first stop was, of course, the AQS show in Knoxville. We got there just in time for lunch and then headed down to take in the show.

There were tons and tons of gorgeous quilts. I long ago determined that even if I don't care for a particular layout or combination of colors, I can appreciate each quilt based on the workmanship, determination and creativity of the quilter. What a fascinating, incredible group we quilters are!

We were at the show until it closed. I took tons and tons of pictures, too. The challenge quilts were great fun, and there were several exhibits that held exquisite work as well. I know if it were up to me, a heck of a lot more ribbons would have been handed out. Oh, and would you believe, something *I* had a part in was hanging at AQS? For real!

Stick around . . . I'll post more beautiful quilt pictures, more trip details, and some photos of my *sweet* purchases (along with an explanation) over the next couple of days. Tonight, however, I'm headed to BED!

Catch you on the flip side!


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Paula said...

Glad you are back home and had a wonderful time. Can't wait to hear more about your trip.

Gmama Jane said...

Welcome Home and LOVE the "backside" picture...very funny! I can't wait to see your pictures next Wed. when we have our little tea/lunch/stitching party. I'm amazed at ht craftsmanship of quilters. Like you, I have my favorite types, colors, themes, fabrics, etc... but I can appreciate the work in ALL quilts. Would you believe I'm not a big Batik fabric person? I know its the in thing but I just don't care for it and never choose any for a quilt I'm making. There have been a few exceptions where I've used some batiks but they were in very small increments. I'm mot big on portrait or modern art quilts either. I'm more traditional I suppose in my tastes. However, that's what makes quilting so universal...something for everyone!
Looking forward to Wed. I'll be there around 10:30-10:45 with chicken salad/crackers plus stitching project in hand.