Friday, March 06, 2015

wishy washy weather . . .

Can you believe the above?  That was from Wednesday. The official high that day was 77 degrees.  The official low was 27 degrees. Today is March 6th and there is ice all over the place. Tomorrow our high is 55 degrees. Aye yi yi! How is it that this is the deep south??

Speaking of early in March . . . Tuesday was Bibliophile Files day and I missed it. I am doing some reading this month, along with my morning quiet time reading that's a yearly goal.  This month I'm reading a Bethany Publishers book for review.  Beverly Lewis's The Love Letters, to be specific.  I've actually started that one and so far it's quite intriguing!
I've also checked out a library book to read. It's the second novel of the Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children series, Hollow City by Ransom Riggs.  The first book of the series was fascinating -- kind of fantasy/intrigue/historical fiction -- so I'm looking forward to reading the second.

And the third book is How Sweet the Sound, by Amy K. Sorrells.  I actually downloaded this as a freebie on Amazon for my kindle. It's free through today, I believe, if you want to check it out on Amazon.

UPDATED:  I just saw on my favorite tea blog, Tea with Friends that Amazon is offering another Kindle freebie:  Jesus, Me, & Afternoon Tea, by D. L. Stalnaker. I don't know how long it will be available, but *I'm* sure going to add it to my reading list for the month!! Doesn't the cover just appeal to you all that are tea drinkers?? I can't wait to download it and 'flip' through the pages. I think I've got a little bit of Earl Grey and lavender tea that would be the perfect brew accompaniment to an afternoon read.  :)

The positive side of ice storms in March is an unexpected day off . . . which meant I got in some more nook time!  I printed off the photo for the back of my Kentucky Crossroads block and got it bordered . . .
And then sandwiched the front and back together and choose a quilting design (at least for the center of the block). 
You probably can't quite make out the markings on the piece, so I'll make it easier . . .
I liked this design because the points traveled nicely up the length of the 'crossroads'.  I'll do something scrolly in the red portions, and then probably outline stitch all the way around in the light border, just off the red.  The binding will be the darker blue.  Should be a pretty little finish to put in the mini quilt stand!

So that's it for me. Tomorrow we're headed out to spend the evening with the collective families, celebrating the first of our family's March birthdays . . . my Jocey! Happy Friday, Happy weekend!!


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Shasta Matova said...

The weather has certainly been crazy this winter. Love the block and the quilting design.

Janet O. said...

Bizarre weather! But nice to have some nook time. Your little block will be a delightful finish.
Enjoy the celebrating tomorrow. So nice to have family close enough to get together!

Sarah said...

I still can't figure why you didn't want to trade my 4F for your 22F yesterday??!! When I checked both our temps this morning they were both well below the forecast low. Unvelievable.

I just ordered Miss Peregrine and Hollow City from my library system. Thanks for the suggestions!

Beverly Lewis is coming to one of our local libraries for a book talk/signing later this month - I wonder if she'll talk about Love letters?

Sarah said...

Forgot to say I ordered the tea book as well - you're a font of info today :)

Kate said...

I was telling My Guy this afternoon that it's hard to believe that last Saturday we had snow and sub freezing temps while today we had a high of 72. Hopefully all the really cold stuff is gone till next winter.