Wednesday, November 10, 2010

cruddy, but not unproductive . . .

I woke up yesterday morning feeling downright cruddy. I'd hit the trifecta of cruddiness - sinuses, some cold/allergy thing, and an asthma episode. Blah. I suppose I could have pulled it together and gone to work, but I'd just have been miserable, so instead, I called in. I hate calling in sick. Not including this summer when I was out with my accident, and then with the spider bite, I've called in sick *maybe* six times in the last 13 years. Including today. I'm not a call-in-sick kind of person.

Anyway, I was at that spot where I couldn't lay in bed any longer, so I got up and let Todd baby me by making my coffee, then our breakfast (he's such a darling husband). I took some medicine and started to feel a little clearer-headed, and there were still things that needed tending to, so I got dressed and started tending. I put some laundry in, did some dishes, and then went back to my sewing table while I waited for the washer/dryer to finish.

I went ahead and stitched up the extra set of hexagon sides I'd played with last week.

I really to like that layout a lot!

Then I went ahead and stitched up my strips, so they're ready to cut into triangles.

I think this grouping will be very pretty in the hexagons I'm going to use them in.

Then, since I was just sitting there anyway, I went ahead and put together the other three sets of Christmas fabric I'd cut for the Arrowhead block.

This block is so very easy. Sew, cut, press and piece. I love it!

Of the four blocks I did, I think this combination of fabrics was my favorite:

It still blows my mind that someone thought of this method! It's so cool!

All cut and ready! One thing's for sure; I've got a LOT of pressing to do before I can do any more work on any of these projects!

Since I had the mat and rotary cutter out, I went ahead and cut out my DVD faces, too.

I've gotten a lot of new DVDs over the past couple of months, and I've not been good about putting them in my DVD binder. The DVD cases take up too much precious room, so I cut out the front face using my 4.5" square, and then file them alphabetically in the DVD binder.

Like I said, I've gotten a bunch in the past few months. :)

Last, but not least, I printed out a template to cut and use for my yo-yo snowmen, which I think will look very darling on Christmas tea towels.

And then I took a NAP! Gosh, I should have, shouldn't I? Imagine what I could have accomplished yesterday if I was feeling good! Haha -- I'd have accomplished nothing (at home, anyway); I'd have been at work! :) I did slow down in the afternoon and rested on the couch. And while I canceled my physical therapy and didn't go to my Stitcher's Group get-together, I did make a good dinner, so I'll call it even. After a restful night's sleep, I'm feeling much better today!

Forward. March!


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Bunny said...

LOL you sound like me never sit still even when you are sick. I love your blocks you have made and I too will try that arrow head method I bought the magazine with the instructions. Hope you feel better soon.

Paula and Mel said...

Sorry you not feeling well. Wow! Would you look at what you accomplished! All while being under the weather! Some days I need that sickness. LOL!
I have the magazine and I need to look at that pattern. Very interestin.
Have a great day, k?

randi said...

yeah for feeling better! and yeah for finding some sewing time on your sick day. those are very neat blocks. i usually deal with squares and rectangles so i am impressed with your hexies!