Thursday, November 04, 2010

mail, magazines, and more--oh my!

Gracious, what a fun mail week it's been! Yesterday, I got a fun little package . . .

I'd won this sweet little fat quarter from the twiddletails blog a couple of weeks ago. Isn't it darling, darling fabric?! I love happies in the mail -- thank you, Anina!!

I also got a trial copy of cloth*paper*scissors in yesterday's mail. I'll look forward to perusing its pages this weekend. Anyone out there subscribe?

The special order Christmas Cottage came in the mail this week, too! This is one of Hoffman Media's new publications. I'm *really* looking forward to going through this magazine. It'll be a keeper, too!

Then last night, in the grocery store, I picked up the Christmas edition of Southern Lady. I like to read this magazine, but I don't keep it like I do Tea Time and Celebrate. Instead, I pass these along to my daughter.

And then I did something I rarely, rarely do. And it was due to the overwhelming peer pressure of all my quilty-bloggy friends.

I bought the current issue of Quiltmaker. I HAD to! I think it was Monday, when I saw at least six bloggers refer to this issue and a particular block -- the Arrowhead block -- that they were making. And every single person who referred to it, had a picture of the block itself, that they'd just whipped up. And I loved the look of the block, and I was intrigued, and I felt that it was a sign that so many of the quilting bloggers I admired had tried this block . . . and so I gave in and bought it. I brought it home and *immediately* flipped to the article on the arrowhead block and thought, HEY! This *is* cool . . . I can do this!

And within thirty minutes, I had! It was so very easy -- and it looks great. I was very impressed with how simple it was. Who thinks of these things? Why can't *I* think of these things?!?

Anyway, I see a whole quilt of these blocks in my future!

And isn't it funny that I have a whole basket of Christmas quilt fabric that I got at the guild auction last month? I think I may have all I need to do a Christmas lap quilt. LOL!

Sawyer's gnawing on everything right now. His first two teeth are poking through on the bottom!

He's my little cherub!


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Paula and Mel said...

Oh no! I need that pattern. I must get magazine. Your block is gorgeous. I love the colors. That block also looks quite easy.
Hmm, wonder where I could get a cute little cherub like that! I will just have to wait for another grandbaby someday.
Thanks for sharing.

Fresh Poppy Design said...

Ah! My baby boy is Sawyer, he's 3. We've only met 2 others in real life :)

Love that quilt block!! It looks sooo clean and sharp, great work.

Thanks for stopping by my BQF entry and for your kind comments!

Vivian said...

I've seen a couple of quilts made from this pattern and they are stunning. Thanks for telling us about the magazine. I need to stop and get it after work today. Love your Christmas fabrics. I need to use all of mine so I can get some new. Mine is getting kind of outdated. lol