Tuesday, November 02, 2010

lots of non-related stuff . . .

First and foremost . . . today, November 2nd, is election day -- VOTE!!

I'm not a political activist, and I'm certainly not going to use my blog as a platform, but I do feel like voting is an incredible, hard-fought-for privilege and the manner by which we the people of the United States of American are given the opportunity to express the direction in which we want/don't want our country to move. After seeing an e-mail on the women suffragettes of the 1920's, I feel even more compelled to go out there and let my voice be counted!

As an aside (and to get in a little quilting), this is a little wall hanging I did for our guild's Quilt the Vote challenge in 2008. It was the first challenge I'd ever entered (or really, even seen), and I didn't quite get what a challenge was.

But I really liked the thought process that went into my design -- the one is a paper-pieced star, and the other is the Alabama block. It's entitled Stars Over Alabama. The challenge was to use the red, white and blue fabric you see in the stars in some shape or form in the quilt, and to have a voting theme. I used silver binding and metallic silver thread to quilt it. I thought it was pretty. :)

On another November note, evidently this is National Blog Posting Month! The challenge is to write a blog entry -- of no particular length -- every day for thirty days! I've accepted the challenge; and I'm off to a good start! Click on the cornucopia on my left sidebar to get to NaBloPoMo's site, read all about it, and sign yourself up!

Speaking of blogs, it may surprise you to know that this is NOT the only blog I am involved in! My husband writes for Camp MACOBA's blog, which I help edit and publish. This blog is mostly made up of entries detailing our guests and activities taking place up at the camp. We also have a blog for Restoring the Church Ministries, which we update monthly. Blogging is in my blood!

I didn't get as much quilting done yesterday as I had thought, but on the upside, I got to spend a lot more time with my darling family than I had anticipated! I spent the afternoon with Sawyer and his mommy, and then I had dinner with my Jocey and her hubby! I'll take precious time with my family any day over quilting!

And let me just share with you precious: Sawyer's first costume . . .

Ah yes, time with family over quilting any time!


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Paula and Mel said...

Playing catch up on my blog reading after a long busy week-end.
Love.love.love the candy corn!How adorable is that? Thanks for the tutorial.
Neat hexe's. Tried clicking on the instruction link but got no where. I will have to look that one up. Love it also.
Your little Sawyer....CUTE! Don't ya just love grandbabies? Most adorable little dinasaur yet!
Enjoy !


jan said...

Love your little Sawyer!! He's a darling little dino!!