Monday, November 29, 2010

design WALL monday ... no really!

Yay! I finally have a true, vertical design wall! You know, when you live in an RV, finding space for a design wall is a BIG luxury. I finally had the presence of mind to purchase a flannel-backed vinyl tablecloth. I folded it in half and tucked it under the mattress of the top bunk, back in our dual sewing room/office. Perfect!

This week, the Sawyer redwork squares are back up on the design wall:

Because I think I found the perfect fabric to use in the nine-patch blocks that will balance out the redwork squares . . .

It's fit what I wanted *perfectly*!! It's good the dark blue, with a little light blue thrown in, and enough red to accentuate the redwork. Score me! The stars were a perfect touch.

I'm also working on some cute tea towels to use as hostess gifts through the Christmas party season. I haven't quite finished with this one, but you get the idea . . .

One of our local WalMarts has totally re-designed, and in doing so they did away with their traditional sewing/fabric department. In doing so, they had all of their buttons on sale for 50¢ a set! I thought the different sized button looked kind of fun!

And lastly, just a little sneak-peak here . . .

That's all you're getting on this one. Suffice it to say, it is part tea towel!

Loads of great stuff being created out there this happy Monday . . . check it out for yourself by visiting Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times!

As for me? Sawyer and I have a busy day ahead. Beef stew going in the pot, and Finding Nemo is, OUR movie of the day!

Make it a good day -- create!


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QuiltSwissy said...

Great deal at walmart! Ours is leaving soon, I would imagine.

Love the tea towels and the redwork!

Chris said...

The star fabric really is perfect.

Pieces of Time said...

I also use a flannel-backed tablecloth for my design wall. It looks like you are busy, busy, busy.

Cathy said...

Sawyer"s redwork quilt is just soooooo cute. And, the fabric you chose to go with it is perfect. He will love it.

Paula and Mel said...

Now that is what I call being creative! I never would have thought of a tablecloth.
Love the star fabric and it is a great choice for the redwork. Can't wait to see the finish.
Cute tea towels. Another grand idea.
Enjoy your day with your adorable Sawyer. Can't wait to see your blog tomorrow and what you and Sawyer did today!

Jo said...

I love redwork...your little guys are especially cute.

Quilt Hollow said...

Enjoyed seeing your redwork.

Charlene S said...

You can also pin your design wall to the area behind the driver's seat of the RV. Mine doubles as a curtain when it is up and even the puppies know not to touch. Your fabric is perfect for the red work.