Saturday, November 13, 2010

not a total bust . . .

I didn't do a lick of quilting today. Not the first stitch! And I was so psyched to hit the sewing machine, too! There was just one little problem. The back bunk room was a mess. My quilting things were unorganized, my fabric stash bin looked like it had imploded, I couldn't get to some things easily, and it was starting to get a little junkie and cramped. I share this space with Todd, so it is all the more important that I keep my stuff in tip-top organized shape!

So I hauled out my fabric and got it all organized and folded. I put my Christmas fabric all together in one box, and filled another box with large panel prints and specialty prints, like my tea collection and my lighthouse collection. I also moved my tote of batting out to the basement. I went through all my bin drawers and consolidated those. I moved my quilting books from the big tote they were in, to a spot that's inside, but out of the way (they have been in the RV's basement). I even moved my table around to leave some floor space, too! So maybe tomorrow evening I can sit down and be serious!

We also had a Girl Scout troop up here today for a He & Me event. There were 84 girls and their dads up here for the afternoon! They had a scavenger hunt, made a craft, then sat around the camp fire roasting marshmallows, making s'mores, and singing campfire songs. I think they had a great time!

I took Easy on down to the upper pond -- it was a beautiful day!

The fall color -- and most of the leaves, too -- are almost all gone.

Here's the spot where Todd's put the cedar trees in shallows, for the minnows! I didn't see any fish today.

This evening I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce, for dinner later in the week.

And a sugar free apple pie for my handsome husband!

So, no quilting, but it was a great and productive day! Tomorrow my daughter and son-on-law are coming over for a Chinese lunch with Todd & I. Joc and I are going to comb the internet for owl fabric for her nursery!!

Can't wait!


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Gmama Jane said...

Have you ever heard of "getting the ox out of the ditch"?? Some days you just have to take care of business. I've been putting off some housekeeping projects in order to sew. I am having my family here for Thanskgiving and it's time for me to "get MY ox out of the ditch"..Oh,,but I just bought over $100 in fabric...lots of it is Christmas fabric from Sirs in Fayetteville. Roger let me splurge and I am so excited to start playing with my stash tomorrow after church. Uh Oh! My Ox will have to wait till Monday!
Love ya