Monday, November 08, 2010

design wall monday; rut roh . . .

I haven't done much with what was already on my design wall last week, and I've compounded that by starting some new things, willy-nilly. I roll like that! I get completely inspired -- on a whim -- and take off! Unfortunately for me (and my UFO drawer), inspiration does not always equal completion. LOL!

I had seen a darling idea using yo-yo's to make a snowman (e-Patterns Central). While it was a great idea for a placemat and matching napkin ring, I thought it would be even cuter for a bib! I'd never done yo-yo's before, but it wasn't too hard, and I whipped out three.

Now I can't decide whether the red above, or the green below should be the front. Or perhaps I do something on *both* sides and make it reversible?!?! I think the embroidered arms *may* show up better on the red. I dunno. Any thoughts?

I do like the red & green polka-dots I'm going to use to trim it out. Fun! I need to get the buttons and orange felt for the embellishments. Tomorrow night is our Stitcher's Group meeting; I think I'll work on yo-yo's! I don't have any other handwork to play with! I'll do up a bunch of snowman decorated tea towels to give as hostess gifts through the Christmas season!

Then there's the Arrowhead block that so MANY of you had on your design walls last Monday. I was compelled to go out and get the magazine (Quiltmaker), and try it out -- I'm so not immune to peer pressure. My first block, along with pairings for three more, are still sitting, waiting for my attention.

I've seriously considered paring down the dimensions and using the big block in a center, surrounded by smaller blocks -- for a table topper. LOL! I know -- I'm into table toppers. Hey, I live in an RV! Small is good! :)

Then these pretties are still where I left them . . . waiting for the rest of the hexagons to be pieced.

I did play with those leftovers and came up with this design, which I like:

I wasn't sure why this look appealed to me so, until I looked more closely at this one:

There's something about this . . . I can almost make it out. Hmmm.

Okay. Let's play around and see what happens when I make the whole center the same color.

It looks like a hard candy in a wrapper!! See?!? Wouldn't this be a cute Christmas quilt, with green and red candies, surrounded by white or something?!? HA! This is my problem. I find something else to do before I've finished what I've got before me!! Too many ideas, and not enough people to do the work for me!! LOL! I guess though, this is why there are design walls, non?

Finally, I do have my strips paired and ready to put together so I can stitch and get out my fun, funky ruler for a new set of triangles . . .

Although, given how busy this weekend was, and how busy this week is already looking, this my be my design wall for next week, too!!

Today, I get to spend with my little darling grandson! Whoohoo! I'll ask him his preference on the bib.

Don't forget to head over to Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times to see what other inspired quilters are working on this week!!


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Jo said...

This looks SO fun...I would love to play with your triangle hexies. It's fun to see new designs come to life.

Chris said...

Everything looks so great! I think the green looks good. :)

Cathy said...

I'm still lovingthose hexies. And, the fabrics foryour Arrowhead blocks are yummy. I have the same problem with getting caught up ininspiration,and going off on tangents. It plays havoc with goals lists. (sigh)

Paula and Mel said...

I love the snowman,but, I can't decide on either the red or the green. They both look good.
The arrowhead peaked my interest but I have way to many projects going on. I have also started a BOM with a friend. I was getting everything put together for the winter and I had about 8 projects ready to take along. I had to "get real" with myself and whittle it down to 4 or 5. WHo knows how much of those I will get done.LOL!
I really like your tri-hexies. So interesting. The candy wrapper is very appealing. See, you could be a designer!
Have a great day with your little love bug guy.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I think your Arrowhead turned out GREAT! These blocks are so versatile. I love making them, and I'm working on a tablerunner now :-)

Pat said...

It seems I rarely finish anything, either. *sigh* I love table toppers as I can quilt them myself...either by machine or hand. I have trouble trying to quilt large items. Your projects all look terrific....even though none are completed. LOL

AnnieO said...

Quilt ADD is a common affliction among quilters. You might say its even epidemic! Lots of fun QADD happening in your world. I love the candies idea, very fun and SWEET (insert groan here).

My verification word is CANDING.

Donna said...

Looks like you're having a great time with the blocks and the yo-yos.

It's supposed to be fun!

scraphappy said...

The baby bib is so cute. It would be such a shame to get food on it though. Love the arrowhead blocks. I've resisted so far, maybe because I still have to quilt the one I made with Carolina Chain blocks from the Quiltmaker a few months ago? Good luck with the hexie quilt, it's always so much more fun staring than finishing.

Laurie said...

Wow, You have a lot going on! I love the arrowhead in Christmas fabrics! I've done it with itty bitty scraps but cut it wrong so wasn't as excited about it.

Sue H said...

How very cute! Love the bib, and your other blocks are fun too. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting -- I appreciate it! Sue

Cherie in St Louis said...

I vote for the red side of the bib :) I'm partial to red so I might be biased ;)

Pat said...

Denise, I think that starting new projects before the old ones are completed plagues most quilters. But all of the things you are working on look great.

Barb in Mi said...

So many beautiful projects going on at your house! As for the bib: I think you are right to ask your grandson ;-)

Diane said...

nice projects, love the hexi's very cool how you can change them up-reminds me of OBW cubes. (one block wonder)

Kate said...

I like the red for the bib. Love your arrowhead block. I guess I need to try that one two, it looks so good.

Gmama Jane said...

I love all your projects...alas, I too am plaqued by the UFO bug...but it's the fault of all these quilt blogs with all these great ideas. I can't stop reading them and get excited about something "new to me".
What are you going to use your strips for??
BTW, check to see if I fixed my 'no reply" issue.
Roger wants to come up and check out the lake and all the things Todd is doing. He used to go fish up there all the time. I love your shots of the minnows.