Friday, November 26, 2010

tables on parade . . .

Since we can't all be together on Thanksgiving day, photos fly fast and furious before, during and after the feasting! One tradition I mentioned earlier, in my holiday traditions part 1 post was setting a festive table! I got my flair from my mom; she's always been able to set a gorgeous table for every occasion! This Thanksgiving was no different . . .

Very elegant and pretty, non?

I love this handsome fellow on her sideboard, too!

My youngest sister, Laura, also hosted their Thanksgiving meal in Texas. She's evidently picked up the creative table setting flair, too!

I thought her center was very sophisticated and elegant! I love the little touch of the birds in the silvery branches!

What fun it would have been to sit at her table!

Ah, but there's one more table in our family's table parade . . .

My Jocey set a beautiful Thanksgiving table yesterday -- and it was the first time she's ever hosted a family Thanksgiving! She had fun pulling out her pretty china, as well as some of the pretty serving dishes she inherited when we moved to the RV. One of my favorites is the turkey cranberry dish, top right in the photo above.

Joc made the most darling, personalized name cards, too!

I got the acorn!

And here is the main course, Mr. Tom Turkey himself!

He cooked just as fine in Joc's oven as he ever has in mine. In fact, Todd commented that it was one of the best turkeys he'd tasted!

Of course the thing that our little branch of the family had, that no other family got to enjoy was this little dumpling . . .

My darling Sawyer enjoyed his first Thanksgiving -- especially the green beans and the mashed potatoes!

Especially the mashed potatoes.

And more mashed potatoes.

"Grandma, I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"

That's okay, he cleans up quickly. And all ready for pumpkin pie!

We are blessed!


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Pat said...

What fun to see those pretty tables AND that handsome little grandson of yours! Thanks for sharing.

Paula and Mel said...

Beautiful table scapes. The one with the silvery branches and the birds was interesting.
Your Sawyer is quite the little love bug. So happy and bright eyed. You have much to be thankful for.
Thank you for sharing your day with me.

Gmama Jane said...

Lovely Tablescapes but I personally like the Sawyer Man Best!!!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Beautiful table settings!!! Your family is quite talented. And I love your sweet little grandson. How adorable is he? So precious!!! Thanks for sharing your photos. Love & blessings from NC!