Tuesday, November 16, 2010

happy baby . . .

Praise God, he's a happy baby here . . .

But do you see the little red bump on his head? Evidently my darling, precocious grandson is already trying to pull himself out of his crib. Talk about this grandma's nightmare!

He'd been down for his morning nap and all was quiet . . . and then I heard a bang, followed by the kind of wailing that lets you know something's really wrong. I sprinted for his bedroom, and sure enough there he was, out of the crib and on the floor. We cried together for a little bit. Then he stopped, and I continued to cry for a little bit.

I do love smiles around the pacifier!

After a good lunch, a bottle, and a bath, I put him down for his afternoon nap. Do you know he went straight for the bumper pads and pulled himself up to standing...AGAIN?!? Of course this time measures had been taken to ensure he wasn't going anywhere. Still -- evidently the fall wasn't a painful enough experience to keep him from trying again! I see lots of boo-boo's in this boy's future!

But look at my little angel here, all wrapped up in his quilt. I think I probably teared up a little when I was looking at him here, too. :)

The rest of day went well, although I do admit, I felt compelled to hold and cuddle him as much as he would let me!

He's such a happy fellow -- he charms my socks off!

And he's a boot-scootin' baby, too! He's not bothering with his knees, but his arms are so strong, he can get where he wants to, faster than you can blink! See my evidence . . .

Gosh I LOVE him! And yes, that's my maniacal laughter at the end. Sheesh.

Ah, and I have a grandbaby-on-the-way item, too! Joc had an appointment yesterday and said everything is looking GREAT! She sounded really pleased with how things had gone. She really likes her doctor and that makes *me* happy!

And on a non-grandbaby note, I came home last night and these wonderful things were waiting for me . . .

Tea towels!! Aren't they pretty?! Oh the plans I have for them . . . !!

Happy day!


3 expressed . . .:

Cathy said...

He looks soooooo cute, even with the bump on his head. Doesn't sound like anything is going to slow him down. LOL.

Zlaty said...

Oh he is so adorable! Congrats on the the new baby on the way, too!

Looking forward what you are gonna do with the tea towels!

Paula and Mel said...

I am smiling so hard. That is adorable! Thank you for sharing it with all of us!
Hmmm, wondering.. what is she going to do with those tea towels???!!
You have a lovley day.